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What next?

So you've applied for a place in Hope and received and offer... what should you do next?

Thank you for applying to study at Liverpool Hope University. At Liverpool Hope, we understand how important a decision it is when choosing the right University and course for you. 

If you require further information to support your decision making, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team at

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Here is a quick guide to what happens next:

Understanding Your offer

Conditional Offer

If we have made you a Conditional Offer this means that you need to meet one or more conditions before your place can be confirmed.  You can see the details of these conditions in UCAS Track. More information will be sent to you later in the year if you need to complete a DBS application or medical questionnaire as part of your offer.

Unconditional Offer

If we have made you an Unconditional Offer this means you have met our entry requirements and a place has been offered to you.  We may still need to see evidence of the qualifications you hold.  If we do need to see evidence you will see this in the offer text in UCAS Track.

Replying to your offer

When you have received decisions on all of the university courses you have applied to you will need to submit your replies through UCAS Track.  There are several deadlines within the UCAS system which depend on when your application was submitted and when you received your final decision from the universities.  You can find your personal reply date in UCAS Track, but as a guide –

  • If you receive your last decision on or before 31 March 2020, your reply date is 5 May 2020 (if your postal address is in the EU).
  • If you receive your last decision on or before 6 May 2020, your reply date is 4 June 2020 (includes applicants with a postal address outside the EU, but not applicants using Extra to find a place).
  • If you receive your last decision on or before 4 June 2020, your reply date is 18 June 2020 (except if you're using Extra to find a place).
  • If you receive your last decision on or before 13 July 2020, your reply date is 20 July 2020 (including Extra choices).

UCAS will provide more information to you by email when you are able to reply to your offers.

Confirming your place

If you select an Unconditional Offer as your Firm choice your place is confirmed and we look forward to welcoming you in September to begin your studies.

If you select a Conditional Offer as your Firm choice and you are waiting for your results in August then you will see your status on UCAS Track on the morning of Results Day (13 August 2020).  Some results are not given to us by UCAS so, if you receive your results before August, you can send these to us.

Helping you make your university choice

Visit us at an Applicant Day

Making the right university choice for you depends on may factors including finding the right course for your chosen career.

Once you have been made an offer to study at Liverpool Hope, you will be invited to attend an Applicant Day. This is a great opportunity for you and your family to meet the tutors and current students to get a feel for the course you have applied for. 

Even if you have already attended an Open Day, our Applicant Day can give you a new perspective as an offer holder and help you make your final decision about University.

You will receive an invitation by email inviting you to attend one of our Applicant Days and you will be able to choose which of the days you will attend. Visit our Applicant Days pages for further info and a full schedule.

Applicants in receipt of an offer and invited to attend an Applicant Day will receive £25 towards any expenses incurred.  This will be paid on the day following registration and attendance at booked sessions.

Find out about our accomodation

There are 12 Halls of Residences to choose from. For more details, view our accommodation pages and accommodation FAQs.

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Still have questions?

If you need any further information or have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!

Contact us at or give us a call on 0151 291 3899.