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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question, check out our most frequently asked questions. If you need more advice, you can contact us by emailing

Is living in halls for me?

Living in halls of residence is a more communal way of living while you study at Liverpool Hope University. It's great fun and one of the best ways to meet other students, but you'll need a degree of tolerance and adjustment to live within a community of individuals with varying cultural outlooks, social lives, interests and backgrounds. Being mindful of the differences will positively contribute to everyone enjoying their time living in halls, plus you're likely to learn a great deal from communal living that won't be taught on your course!

When should I apply?

Apply for accommodation from 24/02/24, and once you’ve received a course offer from Liverpool Hope University. It doesn't matter if the offer is conditional or unconditional, or if you have made us your firm or insurance choice, you can still apply. We advise that you apply for accommodation as soon as possible for the best chance of securing your preferred halls, as the date you apply is taken into consideration when making a room offer.

All offers of accommodation will be made via email, and sent to the email address you used to register and apply with. Please ensure this is a personal email and not a school or college email account as you will lose access to it.

How do I apply?

Always apply for accommodation through the Liverpool Hope University Accommodation Services website.

You will be required to select five different properties in order of your preference. We encourage you to make use of the notes section on the application form for any specific preferences or requirements.

I have submitted my application and would like to make changes

Once your application has been submitted, you will be unable to make changes yourself. Please email Accommodation Services who can make the changes on your behalf.

Additional requirements/specific accommodation needs

We have some specifically adapted accommodation. If you have certain accommodation needs or requirements, you should state these when you apply online for accommodation.  If you have a disability, please email

When will I receive an offer of accommodation?

We make room offers, in late May/ early June 2024, once we have confirmation of your firm acceptance of a course offer at Liverpool Hope University.

How long do I have to accept a room offer?

Please check your offer expiry date. Please respond to your room offer by either accepting or rejecting the offer via the online portal.  After the expiry date your room offer will expire and the room offered to another student. A short extension can be requested by emailing

Do I need to pay a deposit to secure my accommodation?

Yes, we require a £200 refundable accommodation deposit to secure your accommodation. This will be refunded after a room inspection when you vacate halls.

Can I arrive earlier than my tenancy start date?

Early arrivals generally cannot be accommodated, however, we may be able to offer guest accommodation before your contract starts. Please email to make your request.

Car parking

The University does not encourage students to bring cars, as Liverpool has good transport links. However, if you have a specific and genuine need for a parking space, please visit our car parking webpages for further information.

What is included in the rent?

For all Halls of Residence, rent includes all utility bills. TV Licence is not included in the rent, please visit the TV Licence website for further information.

Does my room have Wi-Fi?

All rooms have Wi-Fi and Ethernet cables.

Do I need contents insurance?

We advise that you purchase student contents insurance to meet the protection you require for your contents and belongings (such as clothes, furniture, electrical items and frozen food) while you're living in university accommodation.

When do I pay rent?

Rent is typically paid in three instalments throughout the academic year coinciding with the payment schedule of student loans, which is usually October, January and April. Other payment plans are available you can discuss the payment schedule in more detail with 

If I book accommodation and pay the deposit, what happens if I do not get the grades I need for University?

If you do not get the grades, your accommodation deposit will be refunded back to the card that you paid with.

When will I know where I will be living?

Your room offer will tell you your Campus location and room type. Room number and Hall names will be released early September.

Can I find out who my flatmates are?

The accommodation team cannot give out this information due to GDPR, however you can look via social media to make contact with your new flatmates.

When will I move into my accommodation?

Please visit our arrivals webpage for further information.

I’ve selected that I want to stay at home on my UCAS and student finance application, can I apply for accommodation?

Yes, you can still apply accommodation online via our website once a course offer has been received from Liverpool Hope University. This is a separate process to UCAS, therefore it doesn’t matter if you have stated that you will be living at home on your UCAS application.

If you have stated on your student finance application that you will be staying at home, we advise that you contact student finance directly to update this as this may affect your maintenance loan entitlement.

Can my friends/family stay in my room when they come and visit?

As per your Accommodation Licence, no overnight guests are allowed in students bed study rooms. All guests must be pre-booked in to a guest room on the campus of which you are a resident. To book a guest room please email

Are the halls secure?

All of our halls of residence are secure. You’ll need a student ID card to get into each building, and each flat and bedroom have individual locks. We also have CCTV and 24-hour security on all of our campuses.

How do I use the launderette?

Laundrette facilities are provided by Circuit Laundry. For instructions on how to use the laundrette:

I am looking for private accommodation, where can I find information on this?

Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) is the only university run private sector accommodation service in Liverpool, dedicated to finding you accommodation outside of student halls. For more information on LSH services please visit Liverpool Student Homes private accommodation.