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UUK Code of Practice and Accommodation Policies

Where you live is a big part of being at university or college, which is why Liverpool Hope University is one of a number of higher education institutions that is signed up to The Student Accommodation Code.

The Code protects our students’ rights to safe, good quality accommodation, to make sure our students get the best out of their time living in our residences. It outlines everything students can expect from our accommodation as well as their responsibilities as tenants.

The Code has already raised standards of accommodation at Liverpool Hope University and underpins our ongoing dedication to our students. We are fully committed to providing a safe, comfortable living environment which will help support our students in leading a successful and enjoyable student life.

Formal accreditation to the Code is a voluntary undertaking for those managers who commit to the Code. A breach is not an offence of the Housing Act, nor is it a civil liability, but the Code may be used as evidence of good practice (or not) by a court or tribunal. Liverpool Hope must demonstrate compliance with the Code and our internal auditors monitor this on a regular basis.

For further information, please visit the Student Accommodation Code website.

Accommodation Policies

Living in student accommodation is a fantastic way for you to become part of Liverpool Hope University. You will be expected to take responsibility for your academic engagement and appropriate behaviour during your time in residential accommodation and in turn you will be offered support and guidance.


Local residents surround our campuses, and we kindly ask students to respect our neighbours. From 11pm to 7am, you are asked to keep noise levels to a minimum. Campus Operatives may come to your residence to ask you to keep the noise to a low level. They will come because there has been a complaint made to them from other resident students. When attending a noise complaint a verbal warning will be issued. If the issue persists a Red Card will be issued.

Red Card

The University follows a policy of issuing a Red Card to students as a formal warning if their conduct is anti-social or breaches the Code of Discipline and/or the Accommodation Contract. These red cards will be issued by Campus Operatives or Senior Resident Tutors. This is an automatic instruction to meet the University Proctor who deals with student discipline. Such misconduct includes vandalism, smoking in undesignated areas, use or possession of illegal substances, having unauthorised visitors and anti-social behaviour towards other students or staff. These will not be tolerated.

Mr Derrick Dykins is the Head of Committees and University Proctor and has a responsibility to act in regard to resident student conduct. A student who has been issued with a Red Card will meet Mr Derrick Dykins, he will investigate the matter and, where appropriate, help the student to amend their behaviour so as to create a harmonious place to live for other students. Breaches of the Code of Discipline or Accommodation Contract may result in a fine, community service or in more serious incidents exclusion from Halls.

Guest Policy

To comply with fire regulations and to develop each hall as a safe place for all students, overnight visitors are not allowed in your room. You are only allowed guests overnight by arrangement with the Accommodation Office who will allocate a room at a small charge. All visitors must sign in at the relevant Security Lodge when arriving on campus. You will receive a Red Card if you are found with an overnight visitor in your flat/bed room.