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3rd Shoulder Rehabilitation Conference

Zebras and Horses: Thinking outside the box in shoulder pain

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 3rd Shoulder Rehabilitation Conference to be held at Liverpool Hope University in November 2022.

This 2-day conference, themed as “Zebras and Horses: Thinking outside the box in shoulder pain" will bring fresh scientific knowledge and great clinical expertise together to underpin and discuss a broad range of shoulder pain scenarios caused by and originated from different parts of the human body but the shoulder itself. The theme attempts to emphasise, based on latest evidence, the significance of considering a broader and rather more complex factors in the assessment and management of patients with shoulder pain and reinforce the need for the development of inter- and multidisciplinary intervention strategies. 

The conference will also share the latest evidence underpinning inevitable changes to the consultation strategies and management pathways of patients with shoulder pain, patient self-care approach dominantly imposed by Covid. The dedicated session will in particular share research-based knowledge on virtual and remote consultations as well as other advances in patient selfcare strategies.  

Hence, I hope that this conference will provide a valuable opportunity for sharing our knowledge around the most recent advances in the field and ways they can be best implemented to resolve the most challenging issues. A distinctive aspect of the conference programme is the interdisciplinary nature of research-focused symposiums, expert-led discussion forums with exciting and trending topics, and interactive practical workshops. We have a strong line-up of speakers and a great organising team working to make this a productive and memorable meeting.

Professor Omid Khaiyat.

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Date: Friday 18th - Saturday 19th November 2022

Location: Liverpool Hope University, EDEN Building, Hope Park, Liverpool L16 9JD

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