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Dr Brian Christopher Jones takes to the BBC Breakfast sofa

Dr Brian Christopher Jones, Lecturer in Public Law, appeared on the BBC’s flagship morning news show BBC Breakfast.

He shared his expertise of US constitutional law and American politics with millions of viewers across the UK.

Dr Jones discussed criticism of John Bercow for refusing President Trump entry to speak to Parliament, saying, “In a large sense, people are right. He has to remain neutral. As any MP will know, he has to make rulings. If you make rulings as a speaker, sometimes they can be controversial. I think people have taken issue with maybe the forcefulness of his words, and perhaps that is something to take issue with. But, generally, I think the Speaker was trying to uphold the integrity of Parliament, the integrity of the Commons especially. Donald Trump has been quite a divisive candidate and President so I think his comments are maybe justified in terms of his role.”

Dr Jones also spoke about the US travel ban, and explained how it is unusual for the hearing, which will either allow or reject the ban, to take place by telephone, adding: “It will be held by telephone at 3pm Pacific time. It will be interesting to see what happens because of the three judges. One is an Obama nominee selection, one is a Jimmy Carter selection and one is from President Bush. It is…leaning towards potentially reaffirming the ninth circuit decision in terms of disregarding the ban.”

Dr Jones researches British, American and Taiwanese public law, comparative public law, socio-legal studies, constitutional theory, civil disobedience, and law and technology. He is currently analysing the effects of political and legal constitutionalism, the implications of constitutional idolatry and judicial supremacy, and the interaction between social media and the law.

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Published on 29/11/2018