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Hope scholars join TATE Exchange showcase

A new collaborative symposium features the work of Associate Professor Alan Whittaker and School of Creative and Performing Arts Technician Roozbeh Rajaie.

Following on from the success of 2017’s CERAMICA exhibition, the pair have once again joined architects, artists, industry professionals, engineers, researchers and the public to discuss emerging thinking and ceramic futures.

Hosted by Tate Liverpool, PlatFORM is a ‘multi-sensory, glowing sculpture that responds to movement and the human touch’. It brings together the exploration of ‘experimental ceramic surfaces that explore human-centred experiences’.

Work created by Associate Professor Whittaker and Roozbeh, which explores the relationship between ceramic techniques and digital engineering, will be showcased at the event.

The exhibit and symposium run until Sunday 30th September.

Published on 27/09/2018