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New 'Motion Picture Factory' Plan for Creative Campus

Here’s a tantalising first look at Liverpool Hope University’s planned new ‘Motion Picture Factory’ - a facility that could usher-in a new generation of film and TV innovators. 

The multi-million pound development is being earmarked for the University’s city centre Creative Campus. 

If all goes according to plan, the state-of-the-art unit could be up and running in 2022. 


Comprising three studios, all dedicated to film and TV production, the Motion Picture Factory will be kitted-out with state-of-the-art equipment designed to give students a real taste of working in one of the UK’s most competitive industries. 

There’s also space to expand further - really enhancing Hope’s offering to both current and prospective students. 

Yet the building work will also respect the heritage of this particular part of Liverpool - Islington - blending the old with the new. 

James Ellison, Director of Estates at Hope, says the University has purchased two buildings on the corner of Shaw Street and Carver Street - No.2 Islington Square and No.3 Islington Square - as part of the planned development. 

The eye-catching, white-fronted No.2 Islington Square is a former furniture factory and cabinet makers - with this ‘factory’ name being transferred over to the Motion Picture Factory, keeping the tradition alive. 

The white facade of this Grade II listed building will be retained - and completely regenerated - as part of the Motion Picture Factory’s creation, ensuring the essence of this historical property is retained for future generations. 

Meanwhile No.3 Islington Square - a former GP surgery - will be redeveloped in the coming years also. 

James explains: “The rear elevation of the Motion Picture Factory represents a really eye-catching new build, using traditional materials in a modern way, while we’re also looking to restore the facade of the original building. 

“All the details - the stucco render, the ironwork, the grand floor-to-ceiling windows at first floor level - will be restored in line with the Conversation Office’s requirements for the building’s listing. In this respect, there’s a real balance between old and new.

“And, overall, it’s another exciting development for the Creative Campus, and the students and staff who enjoy their time there.”

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*** Read more about the Motion Picture Factory next week with our interview with Professor Steven Davismoon, Dean of the School of Creative and Performing Arts. He’ll discuss the exciting plans for the Factory, reveal why the development will protect a ‘heritage asset’, and discuss the building’s rich former life as a vibrant music academy. 

Published on 22/11/2021