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Revd Professor Frances Young highlights community importance at memorial lecture

Remembering to strive towards the well-being of the collective, rather than focusing solely on the self, was one of the key messages delivered by Revd Professor Frances Young at the 22nd Annual Archbishop Blanch Memorial Lecture.

Revd Professor Young highlighted the need to “get beyond the individualism of the ‘me’ society” in her lecture; Finding the Old Way Forward: Could engagement with the Christian past enable renewal? 

Attendees were left with reflections on how lessons from the past can help with today’s Christian identity and mission, in a post-Christian culture. Revd Professor Young discussed how the church can be more of a learning community and the importance of networks for changing world views.

In a kind gesture, Revd Professor Young donated her lecture fee to Liverpool Hope's international education programme Global Hope. The programme gives students an opportunity to act as global citizens by engaging with issues of social justice and participating in projects in countries such as India, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

Revd Professor Young is Emeritus Professor of Theology, University of Birmingham, where she held the Edward Cadbury Chair from 1986 to 2005. She taught New Testament and early Christian studies in Birmingham from 1971. She was ordained as a Methodist minister in 1984, and regularly leads worship locally, as well as responding to preaching invitations from various denominations across the country. She has always endeavoured to bridge academia and the life of the churches. She received a Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) from Liverpool Hope University in 2013.

See pictures from the 22nd Annual Archbishop Blanch Memorial Lecture here. 

Published on 19/10/2018