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Information for all new Undergraduate students


What to do before you Arrive. 

You will receive a welcome letter from the Dean of Students which will include details of your login credentials required to access University IT facilities.

Once you have received the letter, there are a number of things that you need to do before you arrive.  To do this you need to log in to your Hope IT account. To do this you should:

  1. Visit 
  2. Click on Student (you can find this at the top right of the webpage)
  3. Click on MyHope (on the right hand side)
  4. Login using the details on your letter (when you have done this you will see a selection of options within MyHope)


You now need to do the following things: 



By when?


Within MyHope click on Student Record Management (SRM) Complete the Registration Task in your ‘In Tray’.

Before 7 September.

Tell us who will be paying your fees

When your registration task is complete, you should be automatically be diverted to answer questions about payment of your fees.

Before 7 September.

Access your personal timetable

Within SRM click on the timetable tab Your default screen will be September which will allow you to see your first (welcome) week. You should change the settings so you can also see October which will represent your normal time-table.

Available from 20 September.

Access your Moodle

Within MyHope click on the Moodle tab and the big ‘M’ (on the left hand side) and check your courses are listed If you click on these you can see if your Tutors have already added any information (you will need to check this regularly)

Available from 20 September.

Access your Hope email account

Within MyHope click on the link to e-mail.  Your email username is your ID number Your password is as given in your letter from the Dean of Students.

It is important that you access this regularly because the University and your tutors will use this to ensure that you have essential details about your course.

As soon as you register and ongoing.  

Complete your Introductory academic tasks

Each Moodle will include directions to the pre-arrival tasks that you will need to complete for your induction week tutorial.

Available from 20 September. Complete before you arrive and bring with you.

Complete your online Learning styles quiz.

You will be sent a link to your personalised SuccessNavigator questionnaire by email (around 15 September - to your Hope account – see above).

Available from 15 September. Complete before you arrive – your tutor will have received the outcome.

Upload a photograph for your ID card 

There will be a Photo Upload task in your ‘In Tray’ 

Before 17 September 



Car Parking Permits 

Annual parking permits for students who wish to park at Hope Park are now available for purchase through the Online Store here.

Blue badge holders can click here.

Please note that before purchasing a permit you should read the car parking policy.

We also offer pay and display facilities where you can park your car at Hope Park all day.


Arrival Dates for New UG First Year Students

If you are staying in our halls of residence: Saturday 23 September 2017 and go directly to your residential campus.  

If you are not staying in our halls of residence: You will be invited to a welcome day on Thursday 21 September 2017. You will receive an invitation by email in September about this. 

If you would still like a place in halls, this might be possible and you should contact our Accommodation team by email


Arrangements for the Start of Term

The week of 25 – 29 September 2017 is our Welcome (or Induction) week. There is a wide range of academic and social events for you to attend. 

It is essential that all new students attend the compulsory academic sessions that week. You should be able to see these on your timetable. In brief, they are as follows:


Monday 25 September, Tuesday 26 September and Wednesday 27 September 2017:

All new first year students should go directly to Hope Park or the Creative Campus (as per your timetable) for 2 tutorial sessions on each of these 3 days. This will give you an opportunity to meet the tutor you will spend the year with. If you are studying a combined honours course, you may have 2 different tutors, one for each subject. You are expected to attend.

If you are uncertain where sessions are being held you should ring the Gateway Team on 0151 291 3813. Generally, all rooms with CAP or COR preceding the number are at the Creative Campus and all others are at Hope Park. If you are studying 2 subjects on different campuses a shuttle bus will be available to transport you between them.


Thursday 28 September:

Please note: even if you are studying at the Creative Campus, Thursday and Friday’s events will take place at Hope Park. If you are living at or near the Creative Campus shuttle buses will be available to get you to Hope Park.  Details will be available from your tutor. 

Morning – Your group will meet with your Head of Department. If you are on a combined honours course you may have 2 of these meetings Your group will meet with your Head of Department. If you are on a combined honours course you may have 2 of these meetings. You will also have a session with Student Support and Well-being (see your timetable).

Afternoon – The SU will be holding their Fresher’s Fair in the Sports Centre and you are encouraged to attend.


Friday 29 September:

All first year students are required to attend the Commencement Service, which will be held at 1 pm in the Sports Centre at Hope Park.

All new second and third year students should go directly to their time-tabled sessions from Monday 2 October 2017.


Asking for Help:

You are coming to a new institution where you have not studied before. We want you to fit in and feel at home as quickly as possible. You won’t know everything and we don’t expect you to. If you need help please ask. Before or after you arrive you can always contact the Student Gateway 0151 291 3813 or and the friendly team of Liz, Lyndsey and Ruari will do their best to help. You can find a campus map on the Information for New Students webpage.