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Welcome to the Liverpool Hope University School of Law. Our School provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and the skills and capacities required to interpret and apply the law to resolve legal disputes between natural or legal persons or simply help people in need of legal assistance.

It offers to students a legal education designed to lay the foundations for a career in the legal professions or the intellectual and problem-solving skills readily transferable to a variety of careers. Our approach is informed by the communitarian and ethical values of the University.

We incorporate student study and experiences of the law that go beyond the seminar room and the lecture theatre.  We thus provide a dynamic and supportive learning and teaching environment that is focused on bringing the law to life. This entails activities such as mooting, court visits, institutional visits, work experience, work shadowing, and learning and assessment that is problem based. 

Our undergraduate law degrees adopt a building block approach that defines the first year of study as foundational, the second year of study as consolidation and development, and the final year of study as that of exploration and specialization. 

Our teaching is research and practitioner informed. Our staff are excellent teachers and cutting-edge legal scholars, committed to supporting our students.