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The Law Clinic

The Law Clinic provides free of charge, confidential legal advice to all staff and students at Liverpool Hope University. Under the supervision of academics from the School of Law as well as solicitors from external legal practices, final year law students can gain direct experience of advising real clients with genuine legal issues.

The Law Clinic is a student run free legal advisory service clinic offering written advice only. Such written advice will be sent to the email address stated below within 20 working days from the date of initial interview, unless indicated otherwise. The Law Clinic is supervised by qualified Solicitors, and is by pre-arranged appointment only. Due to the free nature of the Law Clinic and that it is supervised by Solicitors employed by Liverpool Hope University, it may in some circumstances be necessary to decline to offer an interview and/or legal advice.

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So that we may assess whether we are able to offer an interview, we would ask that you complete and submit the Law Clinic Appointment Form.

In the event of any technical issues, please email School of Law with a full description of any error messages you may have received.