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Disability support

Letting us know about your needs before you arrive

To ensure that you receive the appropriate information, advice and assistance in advance of the start of your course, we strongly recommend that you notify the University of your particular needs at the earliest possible opportunity prior to starting with us.  

You can do this by disclosing your disability, mental health condition or specific learning difference on your UCAS form.  If you are not applying via UCAS, you can disclose any support needs you may have during the University application process.  Alternatively, you can contact the Learning Support Team at any point on 0151 291 3427 or  Once the University is aware of your needs, the Learning Support Team will make contact with you to discuss your needs in more detail.

Don’t delay!

Getting students’ support arrangements in place can take considerable time and so you are advised to contact the University as early as possible before the start of your course.  Doing so will help you to find out how the University might be able to meet any support or accommodation needs you may have, whilst allowing sufficient time for any support arrangements to be identified and put in place.

Applied via clearing?

If you obtained your place at Liverpool Hope via the University Clearing System, it is important that you discuss any support needs you may have with a Learning Support Adviser as soon as your place is confirmed.  Any delay in advising the University of this information may cause a delay in getting the appropriate support in place, or could result in the need to delay/defer your start date.  Contact the Learning Support Team on 0151 291 3427 or     

Please be advised that the University may be unable to provide unlimited physical or other adjustments to meet the needs of individual students. Consequently, it may not be possible to implement all necessary adjustments in certain cases having explored all reasonable options.