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Accredited Professional Learning and Development (Education)

Postgraduate certificates

All credits from Postgraduate Certificates can also be used towards a full Masters.

Postgraduate Certificate Education Leadership & Management - ONLINE

The ability of a skilled leader in maximising the aspirations and achievements of students, and in creating a forward-thinking and fulfilling work environment for teachers and other staff cannot be overemphasized. At Liverpool Hope University, we have been a centre of excellence for the study of Education for decades, and our strong relationship with a wide variety of educational provision across the UK enables us to draw on the very best practices in order to develop your own skills in this area.

  • Develop a critical understanding of theoretical approaches to leadership, relevant to educational practice.
  • Enhance knowledge and critical understanding of applied leadership and management in an education context.
  • Provide knowledge and critical understanding of key theories and concepts within the field of change management, and of the role of leadership in providing strategic direction and in leading change.
  • Develop a critical understanding of those factors which influence individual and collective behaviour/s within organisations.
  • Enable students to make informed decisions by creatively and systematically applying the knowledge and understanding of key concepts and best practice.
  • Support students’ continuing personal and professional development so as to enable them to work as reflective practitioners with self-direction and originality, willing to take on a leadership role and contributing to the success of their own teams, organisations and their students.

Watch Chris Mugan, previous participant from Cansfield High School, Wigan, talk about his experience on the course.

Read an Education Leadership & Management case study to see how this course can help you in your career.

Postgraduate Certificate in Research Informed Leadership

This course responds to the need to have evidence based, research informed solutions to problems faced in practical contexts by leaders at all levels across the education system. This course is designed to provide expertise to support leaders to develop their own research literacies so they are critically engaged with research and promoting a culture within their schools that values research and evidence-based approaches.

  • Contemporary research methods used to analyse problems in the context of educational improvement.
  • How to use a range of research methodologies in order to investigate complex educational issues for educational improvement.
  • The limitations (strengths and weaknesses) of a variety of research methods including ethical considerations.
  • A systematic understanding and knowledge of how to create a research plan for professional inquiry in an improvement cycle.
  • A critical understanding of the way that research can influence thinking or practice in the defined area at a local level, either school specific or perhaps more broadly.

30 credit masters level courses

All 30 credit courses can also be taken in combination with a further 30 credits to obtain a Postgraduate Certificate or used towards a full Masters.

Research Informed: Leadership

This module offers students the opportunity to gain systematic understanding of common research methods used in professional inquiry for the purposes of educational system improvement.

Students will develop their skills as critical consumers of educational research methods, exploring the strengths and limitations of different methodologies.

Throughout the module, there will be an emphasis on creating opportunities for personal reflection as educational leaders and professional dialogue to inform questions about the practicalities and value in using particular methods as a professional practitioner and leader in relation to educational improvement.

As a result of undertaking the module, students will be well positioned to make their own plan for leading professional inquiry, and justify their own selection of research method choices including ethical considerations.

Research Informed: Practice in Action

This course provides an opportunity to undertake a professional development project within a school or other setting. It is intended to support practising professionals in understanding the impact of research on practice, including how theory relates to practice, designing effective projects and evaluating impact. This will necessarily include the development of understanding of both sector specific and/or setting specific issues at local and wider levels. It promotes the development of reflective professional practice, linking relevant theory to educational practice. It is intended that participants will consolidate their professional confidence and autonomy through critical reflection and focused research.

This module examines three dimensions of educational leadership, taking cognisance of the experience of leaders in schools and their interpretation of education policy and how this impacts on leadership practice.

Participants will explore the possibilities and limitations of acting upon policy, individually and collectively. For example, analysing and deconstructing the metrics used to judge school performance and how this is translated into organisational policy and practice?

Education Leadership & Management I Perspectives on Leadership

Recognising the challenges faced by those in leadership roles and the need to support the development of leadership competencies at all levels, this module explores leadership, with a specific focus on leadership within different education organisations. In particular, the module explores the nature of leadership and management through a number of different thematic ‘lenses’ and considers the role leaders play within improvement and change programmes.

Education Leadership & Management II Working Effectively With Others

This module takes as its focus the need for all those working within schools and other education institutions to develop positive and productive relationships with others. Leadership and management do not occur in a vacuum, and this module has been designed to develop both functional knowledge and critical understanding of a number of key perspectives on human behaviour within organisations and on the nature and processes of organising human activity. As such, it is designed not only to encourage the development of solutions to specific leadership and management problems, but also to provide participants with insights into the complex nature of organisations and of organisational life.

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