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Accommodation information

Moving away to university can be both exciting and daunting. Moving to university is probably the first time your son/daughter has lived away from home, and we want to make sure that the process is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

We have a whole support network in place to make halls their home away from home. We have a variety of halls of residence across our two teaching campuses, and a third campus that is solely accommodation.

Our Student Life team are here to support your child during their time in halls. In each hall there are Wellbeing Assistants who will be the first point of contact for help or advice. The Wellbeing Assistants are current or recently graduated students, so have all lived in halls and experienced the highs and lows of moving away from home for the first time. 

Overseeing the team is Susan Haimes, Director or Student Life. She has responsibility for pastoral care and is always striving to make sure everyone in halls has a positive experience.

Further information on the types of accommodation available and prices can be found on our accommodation pages.

Visiting my child

We have a number of rooms available for friends and family to stay in when visiting students. For more information please visit our Guest Accomodation page

Living at home

It may be that you live locally and your son/daughter is going to continue to live at home. This will also be a period of transition for them and the schedule they kept whilst at school or college will change.

At Liverpool Hope we run a non-residential welcome day designed for students not staying in our University accommodation to familiarise themselves with the campuses and facilities prior to starting their studies. The main aim of the day is to ensure that the new non-resident students receive the same welcome information as those staying in our Halls of Residence.

Hope Social

Hope Social is the home of all the social events taking place. We want your son/daughter to have an amazing time whilst at university, Fridays are our weekly student night held in Our Place. It’s a chance to unwind after a long week before heading out into town or back to halls for an early night.

Each month, we have a mix of quizzes, bingo, live music and themed nights. There will be a programme of Welcome Week activities organised by our Hope Social team that your son or daughter can get involved with.

Liverpool also offers a wealth of new things to discover. Please visit our Living in Liverpool page and take a look at our Living in Liverpool Guide.