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Handbooks and Forms

Below is a list of current handbooks, processes, and guides. Please ensure that you are using these versions.

1. Course Design and Approval

QH1 Programme Design and Approval (1) (Principles of Course Design and Approval)
QH2 Programme Design and Approval (2) (new provision of 50% or more)
QH3 Programme Design and Approval (3) (new provision less than 50%)

2. Course Review, Modification, Suspension and Withdrawal

QH4 Process for the Review of Existing Courses (Awaiting Approval)
QH5 Process for the Approval of Modifications to Existing Provision (Awaiting Approval)
QH6 Process for Withdrawing or Suspending a Course (Awaiting Approval)
Processes for making modifications to existing provision (Under Review)

3. Continuing Professional Development

QH7a CPD Handbook (for credit bearing awards)
QH7b CPD Handbook (non-credit bearing awards)

4. Partnerships, Placements and Accreditation

QH8 Partnerships Guide (Awaiting Approval)
Collaborative Provision Handbook (Under Review)
Partnership Register
QH9 International Student Placement, Exchange and Study Abroad Guide (Awaiting Approval)

QH10 Seeking and Maintaining Professional Accreditations
Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body Register


QH11 Policy on Accreditation of Prior Learning

6. External Examining
Handbook on External Examining
External Examiner Guide 1: The University and it's Programmes
External Examiner Guide 2: External Examining - National Developments
External Examiner Guide 3: Examining Procedures at Liverpool Hope
External Examiner Guide 4: Undergraduate Regulations
External Examiner Guide 5: Postgraduate Taught Regulations
External Examiner Guide 6: Administrative Arrangements: Reports, Forms, Fees and Other Practical matters