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Senate has a number of responsibilities.

(a) advising the Council concerning academic policy, the University’s academic programme and the contents of curricula

(b) making recommendations to the Council and the Vice-Chancellor and Rector concerning the use of the University’s resources

(c) advising the Council and the Vice-Chancellor and Rector on staffing policies

(d) advising the Council on the academic implications of budgetary and other proposals

(e) the maintenance of proper academic standards and the operation of quality assurance procedures

(f) proposing appropriate persons for appointment as External Examiners and defining the Terms of Appointment

(g) the determination of the qualifications for entry to particular courses insofar as such qualifications are not imposed by external validating bodies and on the allocation of students as between courses

(h) advising the Vice-Chancellor and Rector on the policy governing the teaching and timetabling of the various courses including the provision and supervision of professional training

(i) the determination of the academic grounds for the suspension exclusion or dismissal of students from the University insofar as these are within the competence of the Senate

(j) the determination of the academic qualifications for the award of diplomas or certificates of the University

(k) promoting research in the University

(l) such other matters referred to it by the Council

(m) making orders for the conduct of its affairs and other matters as lie within its competence provided that such orders shall not be effective until they have been approved by the Council.

  • Chair: Professor Gerald Pillay (Vice-Chancellor & Rector)
  • Secretary: Mr Derrick Dykins

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