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Parking enforcement

University car parks will be regularly monitored to ensure an orderly scheme of parking is enforced. Failure to abide by the University's car parking regulations may result in the issuing of a legally enforceable Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and/or the irrevocably withdrawal of a car parking permit.

Registered vehicle owners who are issued more than three Parking Enforcement Notices, within one academic year, will be brought to the attention of the Dean of Students (for students) or the University Secretary (for staff) and may lead to disciplinary action and the withdrawal of Parking Permit. No parking is permitted on campus at any time, for any reason, if parking privileges are revoked. Please note: there may be no refunds of money paid for a revoked permit.

All PCN’s are issued by the University’s Security Staff and the associated charge is collected by an external Parking Enforcement Agency - Parking Ticketing Ltd. Verbal or physical abuse of personnel from the University’s Security Staff will not be tolerated and will lead to the immediate withdrawal of your Parking Permit and your ability to park on campus and possible disciplinary action.

If the PCN is not paid within 14 days, the cost will increase.

The PCN will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle whose details will be obtained from the DVLA by Parking Ticketing Ltd.

A PCN will be issued to the owner of the vehicle that:

  • fails to display the eligible permit or parking ticket
  • is parked on yellow lines/pavements/grass and areas marked "emergency services".
  • is parked in a disabled parking bay without displaying a valid blue badge or University disabled permit.
  • is blocking the entry or exit of fellow car drivers.

The PCN is £100 payable within 28 days however if it is paid within 14 days, then it is reduced to £60. If it is not paid within 28 days the PCN will increase to £150. Should payment not be received, Parking Ticketing Ltd may pursue through County Courts where additional charges may be added; as agreed by the Court.

Appeals procedure

In the event of a dispute over the issue of a Parking Charge Notice, the driver has a right of appeal via Parking Ticketing Ltd; full details can be found on the PCN.

Please note

  • Permits do not guarantee a parking space on campus
  • The University actively discourages parking off campus - please consider the local residents
  • Regardless of which stage of the academic year the application is made, the charge is the same as for a full year
  • Cars are parked at owner's risk and the University cannot accept liability for loss or damage
  • Permits are not transferable and must be clearly displayed.
  • It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that the permit or the Pay and Display ticket is displayed on the front windscreen.

Permit holders agree to abide by the University’s Car Parking Regulations as detailed in the Car parking policy.