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Staff parking permit

Staff parking permits must now be purchased directly from the Online Store and can be paid by monthly payroll deductions, which will automatically renew each year until cancelled.

The permit application form is now available via the Online Store and has been amended to authorise continuous deductions, until cancelled. Alternatively, payment can be made in full with a Credit or Debit Card. Once you have completed the Online Store process you will receive a confirmation email and a “self-print” parking permit. Printing the permit is now your responsibility and it must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen of your vehicle.

For those who select the monthly payment option, continuous payments will be deducted from your salary and your annual parking permit will be automatically renewed each year, until cancelled. During the month of August, a link to the Online Store will be emailed to you and you will be asked to confirm your Car Registration details. On completion, a renewed “self-print” parking permit for the new academic year will be emailed to you. If you pay in full for an annual parking permit, you will receive an email the following August to remind you that your permit is due to expire. You will need to purchase a new parking permit directly from the Online Store.

To purchase a staff parking permit please visit the Liverpool Hope University Online Store.

The misuse of the “self-print” parking permit is seen as fraud and strictly forbidden. The University will invoke disciplinary procedures against any member of staff who misuses the parking permit.

Charges for staff parking 

Grade Cost 
Staff Grade 7 and above  £138 per annum
Staff Grade 6 and below    £69 per annum
Motorcycle Owners Free of Charge
Staff Blue Badge Holders Free of Charge

Cancellation of a parking permit

You can cancel your parking permit by completing and submitting the Parking Permit Cancellation Form together with Parking Permit, to the Payroll Department. Salary deductions will cease with effect from the following month of cancellation. Part-month deductions are not possible.

Please note that it is not possible to surrender your parking permit for a short period and then apply for a new one, for example over the summer when you may be off campus.

Maternity leave

Staff on maternity leave may retain their Parking Permit for the duration of their maternity leave. However, charges will continue to apply whilst on paid maternity leave (unless opting for Pay and Display). Alternatively, staff on maternity leave may choose cancel their Parking Permit for the full duration of their maternity leave and re-apply on returning to work.

Long-term sick leave

Staff on long term sick leave, of three months or more may cancel their Parking Permit and, if using the monthly salary deduction scheme, payments will cease from the commencement of the next calendar month; and re-apply for a Permit on returning to work.

Staff Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge holders will be entitled to an annual parking permit free of charge and can access any disabled parking space on campus once you have completed the online store process. You will receive a confirmation email with details of when to collect your permit from the Estates Office. Please note that you will need to present your Blue Badge when collecting your permit and you are required to re-apply annually.

Temporary mobility parking

Any member of staff who has a temporary need to access a disabled parking bay, but does not qualify for a Blue Badge, will need to provide written medical evidence, completing the Staff Temporary Mobility Parking Form and contacting the University Secretary who will decide whether or not to grant a Temporary Mobility Parking Permit. His decision shall be final.

Temporary overnight permits

Staff on Field Trips, Global Hope visits and other overnight excursions organised by the University, may apply for a Temporary Overnight Parking Permit. The Temporary Overnight Application Form will be authorised by the Dean (Field Trips and overnight excursions) or Dean of Students (Global Hope visits).

Changes to vehicle registration

You can update your new registration details by contacting the Online Store at store@hope.ac.uk.

Lost or stolen permits

In the event of a permit being Lost, Stolen or no longer fit for purpose you should refer back to your original email and reprint your permit or contact the Online Store Administrator at store@hope.ac.uk

Parking permit applications

Staff applications for parking permits for the academic year 2021-2022 are open. There is no deadline for applications and permits can be applied for anytime throughout the year. However, the full year permit charge will apply, regardless of when the application is made.