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Global Hope

Global Hope is the University’s international education programme that gives you the opportunity to engage in projects addressing social justice in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Brazil.

The programme has strong links with partners such as SOS Children’s Villages UK, the Tibetan community in India, the Sisters of Notre Dame and Missao Ramacrisna, an artists co-operative in Brazil. As Global Hope's service and community work has evolved, it has seen new collaborative projects develop and the University has ever-widening links with a variety of organisations and groups. The University is proud of its reputation as a provider of dynamic students and staff for its work with overseas partners.

On a day to day basis, the Global Hope team work to secure projects, raise funds, organise travel, train students, induct staff, ensure health and safety standards have been met, and finally, send off (and importantly, receive home) happy and healthy teams. Global Hope is looking forward to continually supporting current partnerships and to expand to meet new challenges with new partners in many new locations.
As part of the Service and Leadership Award, there is an opportunity to apply for a place with the award winning overseas programme as one of your placements. If you would like to contribute to Global Hope, please visit our Online Store or Just-Giving page.


In order to participate on a project, you must raise a contribution of a minimum of £1,500 for Global Hope which goes towards the costs of travel and accommodation. Over recent years, fundraising activities have included sponsored walks, car boot sales (selling unwanted items for a small amount of money), cake and craft sales, cocktail evenings and even baked bean baths. We offer workshops to help Global Hope students in their fund raising effort.


Who can go on a Global Hope project?

All members of Liverpool Hope University are welcome to apply. Staff and students from Hope travel together to project locations each year, working with partners overseas for three weeks during our summer vacation – either immediately before or after Graduation. All staff and student participants are expected to evaluate their work thoroughly to enable appropriate and effective provision by Global Hope teams in subsequent years. Global Hope students have to be registered for SALA as they have already demonstrated a commitment to in the University and the wider community.

How is Global Hope work funded?

The work is funded primarily by the University and your fundraising. You are required to raise a donation of a minimum of £1,500 towards the cost of your project. The University contributes to the cost of Global Hope as it recognises that Global Hope supports the University's mission. We offer workshops to help Global Hope students in their fundraising effort. 

How can I find out more?

For further information contact the Global Hope team by emailing

You can also call into the International Hub for more information at any time; we would love to see you!