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Outgoing Student Exchange Programme

Studying overseas as part of your undergraduate degree is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a great way to enhance your studies.

For most of our degrees, you have the option to spend a semester or year abroad at one of our partner universities, as part of our Outgoing Exchange Programme.
By studying overseas, you will make friends with people from all around the world and create wonderful memories that last a lifetime. We believe that learning should be enjoyable as well as academically challenging and professionally rewarding. Studying in a different country can provide fantastic life experiences within a supportive environment and create opportunities (professionally or otherwise) which can last well beyond the period overseas.

Research from around the world also shows that studying or volunteering away from your home university can enhance your career prospects after graduation. Whilst overseas, you can gain a range of professional skills which you may not have the opportunity to experience again. You will be able to draw on your experiences and include them on your CV, which will help you stand out from your peers when it comes to applying for jobs or higher degrees.

Who can go on the Outgoing Exchange programme?

You need to be a current undergraduate student studying at Hope. Almost all of our degrees give you the opportunity to study overseas, providing it isn’t going to hinder your studies and you are achieving good grades in your assessments.

Academic Criteria needed to be considered

  • Be of good academic standing and on target to pass the first year of study with A, B or C grades;
  • Attendance of at least 70%;
  • Demonstrate serious academic and professional goals for their exchange;
  • Be engaged in studies and active participation in the Hope community;
  • Be prepared to abide by the rules and regulations of Liverpool Hope University and the host University.

When can I go on an exchange?

You have the chance to study overseas in your second year of study (Level I) at one of our partner universities, with all academic credits counting towards your degree when you return.

You have two choices, to go:

1. For one semester, this will typically be Term 2 and Term 3 (January to May), although an exchange may be requested for Term 1 dependent upon the design of the home programme and the corresponding programme of study to be followed at the partner institution. 

2. For the full academic year (usually beginning of September to early May). 

Where can I go on an exchange?

We have quite a few partner universities worldwide from Hong Kong through Europe to America. Choosing which partner university you could study at depends especially on which university offers your specialist course and then, of course, where you would like to go to counts too. However, if your first preference does not offer the courses you require to take then we can always look for an alternative!

How much will it cost?

As you are taking part in an exchange, you won’t need to pay any tuition fees to the partner university you are attending. You only pay tuition fees to Liverpool Hope University as normal and Student Finance still provide the tuition fee loan.

You will need to cover the cost of living whilst you are abroad, including accommodation and travel, but you could be eligible for loans and grants that would help you.

How do I find out more?

If you want to find out more about studying overseas, please visit the Outgoing Student Exchange pages in the Student Gateway for full details of where you can go and how you can apply. You can also email our Exchange Team:

International students

If you're an international student looking to study at Liverpool Hope University for either a semester or a year, please visit our international study abroad pages for full details.