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Health and Safety Tools

This page contains links to essential health and safety tools.

Health and Safety Inductions

All staff are required to complete a Health and Safety Induction Checklist within their own Faculty or Department. Staff who have moved to a new area of work or returned to work following a prolonged absence should also be provided with a brief induction.

?The ?checklist provides useful health and safety information, including emergency procedures, first aid arrangements and accident reporting procedures. Each new member of staff is required to complete this checklist with their Line Manager or Safety Coordinator.

Workstation Assessments

Also known as Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments. Workstation assessments can be arranged for any staff experiencing pain or discomfort whilst working at their desk. Guidance can be provided as to how workstations should be configured along with specific recommendations to ensure staff have a comfortable working environment.

Also check your workstation is arranged correctly using the Workstation Set Up Guide

For further information please see the Display Screen Equipment Code of Practice or contact your HR Advisor to request a workstation assessment.

Electrical Safety

Unsure about much power your appliances or equipment are using?

Use the Electrical Safety Council's socket overload calculator to monitor the effects of of using multiple appliances and for useful tips on how to avoid overloading sockets

For further guidance on electrical safety, please see the Electricity at Work Code of Practice

Workplace Inspections

Visual inspections are one of the best ways to spot hazards before they cause an accident, these should be done daily and can be quick and simple to complete. For more information about what to look out for use the University's Workplace Inspection Sheet.

This form can also be used to document formal inspections, which should be completed at least annually in your work area. For advice regarding workplace inspections, contact your local Safety Coordinator.

Manual Handling Guide

For practical hints and tips on how to minimise manual handling as well as information on correct lifting techniques, please see the University's Manual Handling Guide - A Guide to Good Working Practices. Practical manual handling training is also available on request.

Visit the Health and Safety Training webpages or contact the Legal Services and Health and Safety Assistant for more information.