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Fire Safety

The University Council and Rectorate Team are committed to establishing and maintaining a fire safety management system to ensure that all staff, students and visitors are protected from the risks of fire. Ultimate responsibility for fire safety falls to the University as an employer, whilst day to day implementation of prevention and precaution measures is the responsibility of the Estates Department. Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility; all staff, students and visitors are expected to follow the established safety procedures to minimise the risk of fire. Download and read our Fire Safety Management Structure document.

It is the policy of the Liverpool Hope University, so far as reasonably practicable, to:

  • safeguard all persons on University premises in the event of fire.
  • minimise the risk of fire and limit the spread of fire if it occurs.
  • minimise the potential for fire to disrupt teaching and routine University business, damage to buildings and equipment, and harm the environment.
  • comply with the requirements of legislation relating to fire and fire safety.

Full details can be found in the University's Fire Safety Policy.

The University has appointed a fire safety team to ensure effective implementation of the Fire Safety Policy. The Fire Safety Team Remit details the team's responsibilities in full. 

The University is committed to promoting fire awareness to staff and students by incorporating fire awareness as part of the Induction process and providing regular training sessions throughout the year. Further training is given to staff who are designated .

All University buildings are subject to fire risk assessments which help identify fire hazards and people at risk in each building according to its use; it will also ensure each building complies with current fire safety legislation. A fire risk assessment will also indicate appropriate fire safety measures to minimise the risk of fire as far a reasonably practicable and any damage that could be caused as a result. All fire risk assessments are reviewed regularly especially in light of alterations to buildings or changes in building use. Fire risk assessments are available upon request from the Legal Services and Health & Safety Assistant.

Fire prevention is central to the fire safety policy however if a fire should occur effective evacuation procedures are in place to allow an efficient response and liaison with the Fire Service. These procedures will continue to be tested regularly and include planned fire drills, weekly fire alarm tests and a wider testing schedule for all fire safety equipment.

Staff must make sure they know what to do in the event of a fire and are obligated to inform any visitors on campus of the fire evacuation procedures. Academic staff are responsible for the safety of their students when teaching and must make themselves aware of the fire evacuation procedures for the relevant building and any personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPS) that may be in place in relation to any of their students.

All staff and students must co-operate with Managers, Heads of Department and those with fire safety responsibilities and ultimately comply with the University’s Fire Safety Policy. Staff must always consider the risk of fire from their activities and reduce or control that risk by using risk assessments to document how hazards will be managed.