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Student support and wellbeing

In this section of the Staff Gateway, you will find information on Student Support services offered by the University.

There are pages covering Hope's counselling services for students, along with information on how to refer a student to the service.

On the Student Administration page, you can access forms relating to students' withdrawal from study, transfer from part time to full time study and interruption of study.

You can find out more information about the various services available to students for their support, well-being and development in the Student Gateway section.

Student support referrals 

Key contacts to signpost students to when dealing with enquiries or requests for assistance.


T: 291 3434
E: accommodation@hope.ac.uk

Careers & Employability Hub

T: 291 2032

E: careers@hope.ac.uk

Chaplaincy/Residential Life

T: 291 3545
E: chaplaincy@hope.ac.uk


T: 291 3427 
E: sdw@hope.ac.uk

Faculty Senior Academic Adviser

Contact Departmental Administrator

Gateway Service Desk

T: 291 3813 
E: gateway@hope.ac.uk

Welfare & Well-being (SDW)

T: 291 3427 
E: sdw@hope.ac.uk

Hope Works

T: 291 2032


International Unit

T: 291 3389 
E: internationalsupport@hope.ac.uk

Learning Support/Disability (SDW)

T: 291 3427 
E: sdw@hope.ac.uk


T: 291 2000
E: askalibrarian@hope.ac.uk

Mental Health (SDW)

T: 291 3427 
E: sdw@hope.ac.uk 

Student Administration/ Registrar

T: 291 3331
E: administration@hope.ac.uk 

Student Finance/Funds

T: 291 3435/3464/3488 

Student Union

T: 291 3871 
E: union@hope.ac.uk

Welfare & Benefits (SDW)

T: 291 3427 
E: sdw@hope.ac.uk