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Learning and Teaching at Hope

All Learning and Teaching at Liverpool Hope University is overseen by the University Learning and Teaching Committee, which is one of three Committees of Senate. The Learning & Teaching Committee Terms of Reference include a responsibility for monitoring all aspects of the student experience.

The responsibility for Learning and Teaching developments for both staff and students lies primarily within the individual Faculties. This model of devolved responsibility mirrors that of Quality Assurance, which is also devolved to the Faculties. There are Faculty Quality Learning and Teaching Committees (FQLTC), which report to the University Committee. These Committees oversee all Learning and Teaching developments in the Faculties in addition to their Quality Assurance remit. The Terms of Reference for Faculty Quality, Learning and Teaching Sub Committees give further guidance on their role.

Learning and Teaching at Liverpool Hope is underpinned from three different perspectives:

  • The formal University system that oversees process, enhancement and quality assurance (the committee structure and other systems). This includes localised work in the Faculties on quality assurance and enhancement as driven by the FQLTs;
  • The CPD programme; and
  • The Communities of Practice Network.

More important than the three individual parts of the framework are the points of interaction between them. There is an interaction between the parts of the framework such that the Communities of Practice receive intelligence from the FQLTs, which initiates discussion of policy matters, which in turn then influences decisions made at FQLT. In this way, Hope has opened a pathway for collaborative policy creation as exemplified by this strategy.

The FQLTs consider matters requiring formal staff development and these are then addressed within the Faculty or referred to the CPD co-ordinator and/or L&T committee for inclusion in the wider University programme. This allows for a strategic view on staff development needs. Equally, as Community of Practice discussions uncover need for formal staff development these are passed to the CPD co-ordinator and/or L&T committee.

If the need is one where colleagues within the institution can share good practice a special meeting of the relevant community of practice may be convened as part of the CPD programme as staff – led training. When the three parts of the framework meet together there is a collegial enhancement of both the student and staff experience relating to Learning and Teaching.

For further details about Learning and Teaching at Liverpool Hope, please contact Dr. Lynn Hilditch, Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator, at

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