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Sitting within the Corporate Communications & Marketing department, the Design team is responsible for maintaining the University’s brand, and producing marketing and communication materials.

All staff are kindly reminded to please complete a Design briefing sheet when submitting a job request with the Design team.

Please ensure all relevant sections are completed and a specific date is proposed for the deadline.

Once the Design Briefing Sheet has been received, along with final approved content and any images, the job will be logged and the team will be in contact if they have any further questions.

For large jobs – such as brochures, exhibition boards, external marketing, magazines, oversized print, and bespoke design work – please contact the team as soon as you are aware of the upcoming job, to ensure it can be accommodated alongside existing workloads.

For more information on logging a job, please refer to the Design briefing guidelines.

Data sharing with Design 

In order to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, the following process must be followed when supplying any data to the Design team: 

  • Data (which covers anything that relates to an identified or identifiable individual eg: names, addresses, email, phone numbers, job descriptions etc) must be sent via email in a password-protected file. 
  • The password should either be pre-agreed with the Design team, or sent across in a separate email but with the same subject line so it can easily be identified as part of the same job.
  • Once the job has been completed. Design will delete the file and any email where the file has been attached. 
  • If the file needs to be stored for future, responsibility for storing this is a way that complies with GDPR regulations falls with the original job owner. 
  • Design takes no responsibility for maintaining any files containing data.

Find us at:

Ground Floor Gateway Building, Hope Park
Key contact: Ray Burns, Senior Graphic Designer
T: 0151 291 3557