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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Health and well-being is very important to us at Hope Park Sports. We recognise how exercising and being physically active can contribute to a persons' overall wellness.

Our health and well-being can be negatively affected for a number of reasons, we want to help our members to be as happy and healthy as they can.

Here you can find some useful information relating to the benefits of exercise, both physical and mental, as well as find ways to get involved to keep your mind and body active.

There are many benefits of being physically active, for your mind and body.

Physical health benefits can include:

  • reduced risk of developing some diseases - high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes
  • helps with the development of our muscles, bones and joints
  • improves cardiorespiratory fitness
  • helps us to maintain a healthier weight and decrease likelihood of developing obesity
  • helps us to sleep better.

Mental health benefits can include:

  • reduced levels of anxiety and depression
  • reduced feelings of stress
  • increased self-esteem.

Exercise can also provide you with social benefits, including:

  • meeting new people and making friends
  • having fun
  • breaking down barriers to participation.

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