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Part-Time Work

Part-time work not only helps you earn extra money while you're studying, but it's also a great way to gain work experience, develop new skills and meet people.

Liverpool Hope University offers part-time jobs here on campus through Hope Works. In addition, Liverpool has plenty of part- time work that is local to both campuses in shops, bars, restaurants and more.

If you're not sure where to start looking why not try:

  • Online Jobs Board - employers post dirctly to the jobs board on My Careers Centre
  • Weekly Bulletins - our bulletins often feature jobs, placements and internships
  • Independent Liverpool Jobs - Liverpool based jobs around the city.
  • Online job searches - websites like Indeed and Reed have large volumes of job vacancies
  • Business Social Media Pages - independents advertise to fans and followers this way
  • Supermarkets - Liverpool has a few big supermarkets who take on lots of part time staff
  • Business or Shopping Parks - sometimes have a website for stores to post vacancies

Balancing Part Time Work and Study

As a university student your priority should be to graduate with a good degree so part time work should support your studies, not interfere with it. If you find that you're working instead of attending lectures or seminars you might need some help balancing your commitments. Having a chat with a careers adviser can really help, email to organise an appointment or drop in during Careers Express


Top Tip
"Part-time work can be a great chance to gain transferable skills. To find out how to show off your student job experience on your CV in a way that impresses employers, pop into Careers Drop-in in the Employability Hub." 
Anna Worsley - Senior Placement and Employment Officer