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Service and Leadership Award

Our Service and Leadership (SALA) is an extra-curricular programme that aims to promote global citizenship and service to the community while enhancing your employability.

Completed alongside your degree, the award helps you to develop the skills and abilities needed to succeed in the world of work while giving your time and service to community projects. Completing the award while at university demonstrates to employers that you are confident, committed, determined and versatile.

Our Service and Leadership Award consists of three elements:


Complete a minimum of 80 hours volunteering over at least two separate projects. You can arrange your own volunteering or speak to our Careers & Employability Team who will help you find a local voluntary organisation who could use your skills and experience. If you'd like to combine travel and SALA you can opt to volunteer abroad on our Global Hope programme.

Personal Development

Valuable preparation and training will help you get the most out of your experience and enable you to develop your leadership skills. Our varied skills development programme allows you to tailor the Service and Leadership Award to suit your own interests and skills making it a totally bespoke experience.

Reflective Portfolio

This is your opportunity to reflect on and share your experience. Your final portfolio can be anything from a vlog to an essay.

The value we place on SALA is reflected on graduation day when the university formally recognises students who have completed SALA during their time with us.