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If you take part in our Outgoing Exchange programme, this does not extend your time at university and you will still graduate with your year group. This means you will not have to fund an extra year at university.

Tuition fees

One of the big advantages of going on exchange is that you won’t need to pay any tuition fees to the partner university. You only pay tuition fees to Liverpool Hope University as normal and Student Finance still provide the tuition fee loan.

Any student that goes on exchange for a whole academic year will be charged a reduced tuition fee (please speak to the Finance Office to get more information on this).

Additional costs

When taking part in the Outgoing Exchange programme, you are responsible for the cost and organisation of accommodation, travel and all living expenses while you are there. However, there are a number of grants that can help to cover these costs. Depending on where you study will depend how much money you will actually need, so we advise you to do a little research before deciding which partner university you want to study at.

Students wanting to study in the USA need to have the fund available to them to cover the whole cost before their visa will be sponsored. We advise this amount to be around £6,000 per semester (£12,000 for a full year). This can be through student finance, personal savings, sponsorship from family members etc. Please speak to the International Hub for more information on this.


Student Finance

If you already receive student finance in the form of a maintenance loan, you may be eligible to receive additional travel funding while you study overseas. The Travel Grant is calculated on household income and is assessed the same way as your maintenance loan. It is available to help you cover some of the costs of flights, visas and insurance.

However, you are always expected to fund the first £303 of your expenses. For more information and eligibility criteria, please visit the Student Finance website.

Turing scheme

The university has been successful with a Turing Bid for 2022-23. Some students will be able to access grants for the exchange programme. This means you will be eligible for a grant equating between £335 - £500 per month. This grant is to help cover your living costs whilst overseas. The amount you receive will depend on how long you are away and which country you go to.

If you are from a low income family or need support for special educational needs and disabilities, you are also eligible for an additional top up grant.

You can find more information about this in the Turing Scheme Programme Guide or on this website link.

This money is a grant and doesn't have to be paid back.

Here is the Turing Scheme Privacy Notice which sets out how participants' personal data will be processed.

However, we would caution against relying on receiving any additional funding as it is obviously not a guaranteed source of finance.