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Senior Academic Advisers

There may, from time to time, be a need to seek academic advice. This could take a wide-range of forms and our team is designed to support you in finding the right answers.

On this section of the website you will find details of the University's Senior Academic Advisers and how to book an appointment, along with guidance on Academic Regulations.

The Senior Academic Advisers work to support students in requests for academic advice. This could take a number of forms and includes issues such as:

  • Queries or concerns about course options.
  • Wishing to interrupt or take a break in studies.
  • Attendance and engagement monitoring issues.
  • Assessment and regulatory advice.
  • Academic appeals process.

This list is by no means exhaustive but gives examples of where it might be appropriate to book an appointment with a Senior Academic Adviser (SAA).

Meet the team

Dr Ilva Navarro-Bateman

Hope Park campus

Dr Kevin Crawford

Hope Park campus

Dr Trish Ferguson

Hope Park campus

Dr Simon Davies

Hope Park campus

Dr Kathrin Wagner

Creative Campus

Dr Victoria Kennedy

Hope Park Campus

Dr Stephe Harrop

Creative Campus

Dr Nicolas Garron

Hope Park Campus

To make an appointment with a Senior Academic Adviser please contact your Departmental / School Administrator

Academic Regulations

Find student guides and more information on regulations.

Personal Tutors

Each student is a assigned a personal tutor when they join Liverpool Hope University,  these personal tutor are an integral part of the University’s commitment to student success and well-being. They serve as a valuable resource throughout your academic journey by offering individualized support and guidance.

Students typically meet with their Personal Tutors regularly throughout the academic year. These meetings offer a structured opportunity for students to discuss their progress, challenges, and goals. 

Some key aspects of the role of Personal Tutors include:

Academic Support: Personal Tutors help students navigate their academic studies, offering guidance on course selection, study strategies, and time management. They can provide assistance in understanding course materials and assignments, helping students achieve their academic potential.

Personal Development: Beyond academics, Personal Tutors also support students in their personal development. They act as mentors and are available to discuss any personal concerns or challenges that students may face during their time at the university.

Progress Monitoring: Personal Tutors keep a close eye on their assigned students' progress. They help identify any academic or personal issues early on and work with students to find solutions or direct them to the appropriate support services.

Goal Setting: Personal Tutors work with students to set and track their academic and career goals. They help students create a roadmap for their time at the university and beyond, ensuring that they have a clear direction.

Well-being: The well-being of students is a top priority. Personal Tutors can offer emotional support, helping students cope with the stresses of university life and offering referrals to counseling services or other support resources when necessary.

Accessibility: Personal Tutors are accessible and approachable, creating a safe space for students to discuss their concerns, both academic and personal. This accessibility helps build a strong mentorship relationship between the tutor and the student.