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Email Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Email?

You can access your University email account in two ways:


Can I access my Email on my phone?

Instructions for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry can be found here -


How much space do I get on my account?

Hope Google mail accounts offer 30GB of space.


What is the maximum attachment size?

The maximum size of any attachment is 25MB.


Sending, replying and other basic features.

Information on how to perform some basic email tasks is available here -

Signature, labels and filters.

Information on how to use a signature, assign labels and apply filers is available here -

What is my email address?

Your Student email address is simply your ID number followed by @Hope.ac.uk e.g. 10101234@Hope.ac.uk

Your Staff email address is your username followed by @Hope.ac.uk e.g. abcxyz@hope.ac.uk


What happens to my Email when I graduate?

All students keep their email accounts once they have graduated. This means you can still keep in touch with the University and we can sent you useful information after you have completed your studies.