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Click the drop down below to view Printing FAQs.

How do I print?

All students can print from a networked PC or from a wireless laptop in specified areas.  Your student account has a 'print balance' that can be topped up and is then used when printing. Each new student will get £2.50 free credit at the start of their first year.

How much does printing cost?

The charges are as follows:-

Black and White Single Sided Double Sided Colour Single Sided Double Sided
A4 5p 8p A4 25p 40p
A3 10p N/A A3 50p N/A

Posters can be printed via the Varsity Store in the FML building. You will need to have your work on a disk or USB memory stick. Poster pricing:-

    A2 - £7
    A1 - £11
    A0 - £22

Where can I print?

Printers are available around Hope Park, Creative Campus and Aigburth Halls. 

Can I print I colour?

Colour printing is available in the Sheppard-Worlock Library and Creative Campus.

How do I top up my print credit?

Top up credit can be added in cash to your account at any time using the credit stations in SWL or Creative Campus. You can also add credit using a debit or credit card by logging into MyHope and selecting Print Credit Top-Up.

Double sided or single sided printing?

The University encourages all academic work to be printed double sided, and most of the printers around the University default to this.

Can I print in A3?

A3 Printing can be done in the SWL using either SWL colour printer or SWL ground floor print hub printers.

Can I print a poster?

Poster printing is available from the Varsity Store in the FML building. You will need to have your work on disk or USB memory stick.

Poster pricing -
A2 Posters - £7
A1 Posters - £11
A0 Posters - £22

How do I photocopy a document?

Simply locate a photocopier and select 'copy' from the onscreen menu. Adjust any settings as necessary and then press the green button to copy.

How much does it cost photocopy?

There is no charge for photocopying.

How do I scan a document?

Scanning of documents can be done at any Xerox photocopier located at either Hope Park or Creative Campus.  Click 'email' or 'USB' from the home screen on the machine and follow the onscreen prompts. 

Further instructions are available next to the machines in the Sheppard-Worlock Library.