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Student Record Management

FAQ - Student Record Management

How do I access Student Record Management?
Student Record Management is available by logging in to the MyHope facility and clicking 'SRM' from the top menu.

What information is in SRM?
SRM contains all your course registration information, personal information, timetable and various other items.

How do I access my results?
To access the full breakdown of your results, simply go to the 'Course Results' box on the first page of SRM and click 'View my course results'.

How do I complete a task in SRM?
All the tasks that are issued via SRM will be shown on the first page of SRM in the 'action in-tray' box.  These tasks will include Registration, Fees, Graduation etc.

How do I access my Council Tax form?
The Council Tax Certificate (Exemption form) for students can be found within the 'Personal & Finance' menu accessed from the top of SRM.  Once you have printed this, it will need to be stamped at the Gateway Building front desk.

How do I access my Coursework Coversheets?
Coursework Coversheets are available on the first page of SRM in the 'Coursework Submission Sheets' box.
Please note - Not all coursework will have a coversheet and, if a coversheet is not available in SRM, you should contact your Faculty Office.