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School of Health Sciences offers a range of high quality courses.

Undergraduate degrees 

BSc Clinical Nutrition 

The key role of diet in prevention and management of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases suggests the need for nutrition experts who clearly understand the link between nutrition and disease. The Clinical Nutrition course at Liverpool Hope focuses on the prevention and management of diseases in individual and population levels.

We offer three Clinical Nutrition degrees:

BSc Nutrition

The Nutrition degree at Liverpool Hope has been designed to develop the essential knowledge, understanding and skills that a nutritionist requires. The curriculum includes a focus on the delivery of five core competencies in nutritional science, food chain, social and behaviour sciences, health and well-being, and professional conduct. Visit our Nutrition course page

BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Sport and Exercise Science is the study of how the human body responds during exercise, how it adapts to exercise training, and the study of the relationship between exercise and health. Our degree curriculum encompasses everything from elite sports performance to clinical populations and we take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Sport and Exercise Science. Visit our Sport and Exercise Science course page.

BSc Sport and Physical Education

Our Sport and Physical Education degree helps you gain in-depth knowledge about the effect of sport, physical education and activity on individuals and society as a whole. The degree will allow you to explore the impact of sport at the individual, team, organisational and wider community level, from grass roots through to the elite. Visit our Sport and Physical Education course page

BSc Sport Psychology

Our Sport Psychology degree is firmly embedded in both the disciplines of Psychology and Sport & Exercise Science. This approach allows you to study important psychological theory and apply this to a variety of sport and exercise settings. Visit our Sport Psychology course page

BSc Sport Rehabilitation

Our Sport Rehabilitation course provides you with the theoretical knowledge and a broad range of applied skills required for undertaking the role of a sport rehabilitation professional. Throughout the degree you will learn to improve health and function in populations with injury, illness and disease and to positively contribute to improving public health. Visit our Sport Rehabilitation course page.

Postgraduate degrees 

MRes Sport and Exercise Science 

Our Sport and Exercise Science (MRes) will provide you with a comprehensive experience of the research domain whilst developing specific technical competencies and applied skills in the core disciplines of biomechanics, physiology and psychology (including motor control). Visit our MRes Sport and Exercise Science course page