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Digital History Hub

Welcome to the Digital History Hub. Here you will find links to primary source databases related to research and teaching strands in History at Liverpool Hope University. All links are free to access and available to all.

The English Civil War

This database contains a wide range of primary source links. You will be able to find portraits, letters, diary entries and more.


This contains a number of online resources so you can find primary source documents which are related to the study of Ireland.

Colonial Expansion 1550 to 1650

This database contains a number of websites that contain primary source materials. All resources are related to English expansion, between 1550 and 1650.


This database has a collection of online primary resources which are for the study of European Imperialism and its effects on the world. The British Empire is extensively covered by this database.


This database has a wide selection of online primary resources on the subject of Witchcraft in England and Colonial America, 1550 to 1700.


Crime and Punishment

This database has a selection of primary source materials for you to use. These resources examine crime in Australia, America, Britain and Ireland.

The Tudor Monarchy

This database contains a range of primary source materials which are related to the Tudor Monarchy, between 1530- 1650.

Taste of War

This database allows you to find primary source documents which are related to the issue of food in times of conflict.


This is a database of online primary resources that are related to the subject of Fascist Ideology. The database focus's on the Nazi's but does include resources on Spanish and Italian Fascism.

World War One

This is a database of websites that have primary source materials, related to the First World War. You can find resources such as: propaganda materials, government papers, archived films and photographs.

Russia and Eastern Europe

This database focus's on the study of the U.S.S.R during the Twentieth Century. There are resources covering the: Hungarian Uprising, Berlin Wall, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War.

World War Two

The websites listed have a wide range of primary source documents which are related to The Second World War. You can find, propaganda posters, ration books and contemporary newspapers. The resources are American, Australian, Canadian, British, French and German.

General Database

This is a list of online primary resources that isn't dedicated to one area of study. There are a wide range of resources, including from: The British Library, The National Archives, The Library of Congress and the Oxford Bodleian Library. You can find documents on a range of different areas of study.

Women's History

This is a list of main databases specific to women in various periods of history including women at war, the fight for the vote and more contemporary campaigns such as equal pay.