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Developmental Psychology

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The Developmental Psychology Research Group at Liverpool Hope University aims to advance our knowledge of how humans develop from early childhood to adulthood. We use a broad range of methods (e.g., laboratory-based experiments, surveys, interviews, ethnographic, longitudinal designs, cross-cultural studies, etc.).  The main objective is to understand the cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioural factors that promote positive psychological functioning and wellbeing across different populations (e.g., typically developing children, adolescents, and adults, as well as those with developmental disorders or mental health conditions). 

Latest externally funded project news 

  • The Ruth B Noller Research Grant funds a project investigating creative problem solving in children aged 4-9 years. (Belen Lopez-Perez and Pinar Oztop).  

  • The Road To Recovery COVID-19 Project funded by UKRI/ESRC is looking at the impact of, and recovery from COVID-19 on families with children and young people with a range of intellectual disabilities across the UK. (Dr Gallagher-Mitchell Co-I).

    The Road to Recovery team has been extremely busy over the last six months and there are exciting findings to share with you. We have been working with a number of charities including Down Syndrome Association, Fragile X Society, Scottish Autism Society, Contact (Wandsworth/Battersea), Le Petit Extra (London), Future of Down's, and Wouldn't Change a Thing. It has been fantastic to work with so many engaged charities who have been sharing our work and encouraging families to take part in our project in order to share the experiences of families with children who have intellectual difficulties (ID).

    Summaries of initial findings from this stage of the study can be located here. Please note this page is hosted by one of our grant partners the University of Edinburgh.

    The project has collected some data about some parents’ experiences of lockdown. You can read more here

    Our survey is still ongoing, so there is still time for parents to share their experiences with us, but we would like to share some of the survey results with you thus far. We have had over 130 parents complete the online survey, half of which have a child with ID and half do not. Hearing from both groups of parents and carers offers a helpful comparison when assessing the impacts of the pandemic and lockdown on families.

    The findings are very important and we areba so grateful to all the parents that have shared their experiences with us thus far. However, we need to hear from more parents to build a clearer picture on how to best support families as we transition out of lockdown.

    If any parents would like to take part, they can do so here