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Developmental Psychology

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The mission of the Developmental Psychology Research Group at Liverpool Hope University is to advance our knowledge of how humans develop from early childhood to late adulthood. Using a broad range of methods (e.g., laboratory-based experiments, longitudinal designs, cross-cultural studies, etc.), we aim to understand the cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioural factors conducive to an appropriate psychological functioning and wellbeing across different populations (e.g., typically developing children, adolescents, and adults, as well as those with developmental delays or mental health conditions).

The Developmental Psychology group currently consists of three researchers who study the development of numeracy skills in relation to math anxiety and the role of alternative provisions in children’s development (Dr Tom Gallagher-Mitchell); the acquisition of writing and reading skills and its link with cognitive functioning (Dr Lorna Bourke); and the development and factors associated with emotional responding, regulation, and wellbeing (Dr Belen Lopez-Perez).

The Developmental Psychology Research group has different facilities (e.g., observation room) and equipment (e.g., portable cameras, laptops, tablets) to conduct its research as well as the ChildLab, space where faculty members, students, trainees, and visiting scholars regularly meet and discuss future and ongoing projects.