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Vision and Cognition

Colleagues in the Vision and Cognition research group explore fundamental issues of importance in vision and cognition.

Our particular interests span colour perception, face perception and visual search through to aesthetics, spatial navigation and motor control. In doing so, we have a wide range of technical expertise that includes the running of behavioural studies to measuring brain function and biochemical influences on brain function, visual perception and cognition.

The group provides a supportive environment for colleagues and postgraduate students.


The latest project in our group was run by Drs. Letizia Palumbo and Neil Harrison, and Prof. Nick Donnelly in collaboration with Tate Liverpool. The project looked at empowering people to engage with art using portable eyetracking glasses. For more information of what the project was about, please visit the Tate website

The project was a joint collaboration between staff members of Liverpool Hope University, including Prof Nicholas Donnelly (Head of the Psychology Department), and Dr Tobiasz Trawinski (Postdoctoral researcher at New York University in Abu Dhabi), Dr Jason Kass (Associate Dean of Fashion and Assistant Professor of Fashion Communication at Parsons School of Design, NYC, USA) and UG student and photographer Mr Alberto Gonzalez (University of Chester, UK).

V&C Tate Project 2

V&C Tate Project 1

V&C Tate Project 3