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Postgraduate Research in Social Science

Following the re-design of a key assessment in Disability Studies, students now develop their responses in the form of a book chapter. This format has been successful in enabling students to connect their own writing with published collections in Disability Studies and in enabling them to aspire to publishing their work (i.e. Changing Social Attitudes, Metanarratives of Disability). This model offers the opportunity to recognise the potential of postgraduate students as future researchers and academics not only in Disability Studies but across other postgraduate programmes in the school.

The work produced will reflect the quality of postgraduate research in a range of subjects within the Social Sciences. This currently comprises academic programmes in Disability Studies, Sociology, Social Policy but would be flexible to include programmes in development that may run in the future.

In addition, the publication could include work from students on professional programmes (Social Work, Youth Work). Students enrolled on PhD and Professional Research Doctorates will also be encouraged to submit.