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Induction Information

Inductions are an important part of your integration within Liverpool Hope University, whilst helping you get to know the establishment and your new environment. Starting a new job and adapting to new surroundings can be challenging but we always try to make you feel at home, starting from your first day.

The different types of induction are Corporate Induction Programme and Local Induction. Below is a breakdown of the different types of inductions you can expect to receive at the University.

Staff Mandatory Corporate Induction Programme

Liverpool Hope University holds two Corporate Induction Programmes a year, these are in September and January. All staff should receive one of these inductions, however as they are only run twice a year when you receive yours will be dependant on your start date. The sessions are mandatory and you will be contacted with details of the event nearer the time. If you have been at the university for longer than six months without an induction please contact Shauna Anton at antons@hope.ac.uk.

The induction covers:

All these categories are involved in the Corporate Induction Programme, therefore if you have a long wait for yours, these links will help you become familiar with all the areas you will need as a new member of staff.

Local Induction

The local induction is usually undertaken with the new member of staff at the start of their employment by the Line Manager. Central to the process is the induction checklist which should be completed by the Inductee in conjunction with their Line Manager.

Local induction is an essential part of the induction programme that enables all new staff, or staff with a new role, to settle into the environment and become familiar with essential procedures, this will also help to understand the requirements of your role.

Who should have a local induction?

  • New part-time and full-time staff
  • Staff redeployed within the University
  • Staff taking on a new role within the University

Purpose of Induction

A good local induction brings numerous benefits that include:

  • helping new members of staff become familiar with their environment
  • helping new members of staff understand their role and responsibilities
  • clarifying mutual expectations of role and performance
  • providing new members of staff with access to the resources that they need to perform their job efficiently and effectively

This Staff Induction checklist should help you and your manager identify what you need to discuss, and may help you draft some questions before hand, as this will make you aware of all the areas covered within the local induction.

Role Specific Information

For specific information concerning your role please look at the tabs above these provide details for new Academic and Support Staff. As well as useful information and tools for new managers.

First Day FAQs

A first day at your new job can be nerve racking and difficult, however here at Liverpool Hope University we have put systems into place to make sure that your first day is enjoyable and welcoming.


This provides you with a Map of Hope Park Campus and a Map of Creative Campus. Do not worry if you are not able to find your way, there are people situated on the front desk who can help you, and there is numerous people around the building who will be happy to help.


This is essential as we need all of your documents to be able to set you up on the system this includes a copy of a relevant qualifications and your passport. Also, all documents in the new starter pack such as your New Starter Form (Permanent or Fixed Term) need to be handed into the Personnel Office on the first floor of the Gateway building.

Staff ID

To collect your Staff ID please go to the personnel office, located in the Gateway building on the first floor, between the hours of 12-2, and they will be happy to produce you one. Depending on what job you are doing and what your role is will determine what type of access you have and in what areas. Everybody has access to the library however, you need your ID card to gain entrance, also all staff are able to take out books and have got access to all the online journals.

Logging in

You will be given your log in details before you start, your username is your surname only the first six letter and your first initial so Joe Bloggs would be bloggsj@hope.ac.uk. This can sometimes differ however you will be informed of your log in and password before you start. I f you have any issues with your log in please contact the personnel reception desk on extension 3189 who will be happy to help.

Line manager

When you first come to the university you will be given a Line Manager depending on your department and role. You will be told of who you are reporting to and where, if you are unsure just ask at the front desk and they will be happy to tell you the way.

The city of Liverpool

Liverpool has vast wealth of culture and landmarks that are world renowned and spectacular to see. To help you get to know the University better, and Liverpool if you are from out of town, visit our city of Liverpool webpages for the best places to visit.


To park at any of our campuses, you will need to pay a daily fee of £2, or you can purchase a parking permit. Visit our car parking at Hope pages for further details.