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Geography and Environmental Sciences research

All staff members are active researchers and publish in a range of international journals, and present papers at high-level conferences both nationally and internationally. Several serve on editorial boards, act as external examiners for post-graduate taught and research degrees and regularly review manuscripts for publication.

Dr Jennifer Clear

Jen's research focuses on long-term environmental change, in particular, understanding anthropogenic activity and climate variability as drivers of past changes. Jennifer used applied palaeoecology (e.g. pollen) and stratigraphy (e.g. charcoal and geochemistry) to quantify past disturbance events (e.g. storms, fires, pathogens) from terrestrial, lacustrine and marine environments. Jennifer then combines these long-term geological (sedimentary) records with short-term (e.g. instrumental and dendroecological records) to model present and future scenarios in environmental change to inform conservation and management policy.

Dr Kevin Crawford

Kevin is a geologist and geomorphologist by training whose research interests, not only include glacial environments (e.g. landforms, sediment associations and processes), but also Geoconservation and Environmental Legislation (particularly in relation to Geoconservation)

Dr Victoria Kennedy

Victoria is a lecturer in tourism in the Department of Geography at Liverpool Hope University. Victoria holds a BA (Hons) degree in Tourism Management and a PhD in Management from The University of Hull. Victoria’s research interests include stakeholder theory and engagement, tourism policy, power, destination management and seaside tourism.

Dr Alessandra Lotteri

Ale is a geologist by training.  She holds a PhD in Geography and Environmental Science.  Her research interest focuses on studying the people living in areas exposed to natural hazards, their vulnerability and resilience elements and how they have evolved over time.

Rev Paul Rooney

Paul is an environmental geographer with expertise in the ecology, geomorphology and conservation management of coastal sand dunes, researching, publishing and providing practical advice in this field.  Paul formed and leads the Dune Network, an initiative established in 2009 that aims to conserve dunes as dynamic landscapes.  He is a co-investigator leading the Ministry Research Project.  This project aims to improve the strategic planning and evidence based decision making relating to the deployment of permanent deacons in the Archdiocese of Liverpool and to evaluate the Archdiocesan Pastoral Associates Pilot Project.