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Nutrition and Biosciences research group

Research within the Nutrition and Biosciences Research Group is focused on the interrelationship between food, nutrition, and health. Our research aims to better understand the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations across the lifespan and how diets, foods and food components can influence this. Previous and current research studies cut across the Food, Nutritional and Biological Sciences to help understand the complex relationships between food environments, food choice behaviours, nutrient intake, physical activity, and health. Our research interests and expertise include fundamental aspects of our susceptibility to disease (from clinical, public health and personalised perspectives) and how nutrients affect health, as well as the development and evaluation of interventions designed to improve food choice behaviours, physical activity, and health (including dietary assessment and measuring food environments). We also have an interest in food quality management, food product development, and the sustainable production of healthy and nutritious foods. 

Current Members Include:

  • Dr Richard Webb
  • Dr Leo Stevenson
  • Dr Margaret Charnley
  • Dr Tokunbo Olayanju
  • Dr Peppy Emeagi