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Health and Sport Sciences Research Opportunities

Below we have listed broad areas of research that reflect the School’s research strengths and long-term strategic aims, as articulated in our REF Environment statement. Specific projects can be suggested for each area if required.

We actively encourage projects that are interdisciplinary in scope and which would include colleagues from Schools and Departments outside of the Health and Sport Sciences in supervisory teams. We consider that supervisory teams will ideally include a mix of junior and more senior colleagues, and would consist primarily in colleagues on Academic contracts, but we recognise that there may be a role for colleagues on other types of contract as appropriate.


Nutrition and Food science / Bioscience

  • Ageing – Nutrition/Frailty/Sarcopenia
  • Novel methods of dietary pattern analysis
  • Urban Food Environments/Out of Home Foods
  • Non-nutritive sweeteners/obesity/Type 2 diabetes
  • The application of ‘Big Data’, ‘Sensors’ and ‘Virtual Reality’ in Food & Human Nutrition.
  • Lipids/lipoprotein/cardiovascular disease 
  • Sustainability
  • Nutrition in adolescence


Sports, Sport & Exercise Science, Sports Medicine / Sport Rehabilitation, Sport & PE / Sport Psychology,Physical Activity and Health

  • Muscular Energetics in Health & Disease
  • Training/Training Load & Recovery Strategies
  • Nutritional Interventions (performance & health) (CBD/MCT/NZ Blackcurrant)
  • Cardiometabolic - T2 Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Health/Performance
  • Sports Medicine
  • Musculoskeletal Health
  • Shoulder / Upper Limb
  • Sport Biomechanics
  • Sport Rehabilitation
  • Imagery
  • Simulation
  • Physical activity
  • Cardiometabolic disease
  • Student Physical activity and Health
  • Exercise, Ageing and Health