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Accessing services

When you join the University, you will be given a username which will allow you access to all University services with the exception of e-mail. Your e-mail username will be the University username followed by


At the start of your employment at the University, you will have been provided with a password which will access all services including email.

If you need to change your password, you can so whenever you have access to the Internet by accessing the webpage You can only reset your password online if you have already answered the security questions.

Security questions

When you first change your password, you will be asked three questions which enables the self-service password management system. If you forget your password, click on the forget password link, enter your email address and answer the questions.

Password rules

  • Your password should not be easy to guess.
  • It may not be a normal dictionary word (forward or backward).
  • It must be at least 8 characters long.
  • It may not be based on your username, surname or your old password.
  • You are encouraged to include numbers and punctuation, and mixed case.
  • You cannot use a space or any of these characters: . * : @ | # \ % , ; $ & £ < > +
  • Upper case is different from lower case.
  • The characters in your password should be mostly different.
  • Passwords cannot be all numerical

Accessing the Wireless Service

The University wireless service is provided using the network entitled eduroam. This allows you to connect wireless devices to the network in all of our campus buildings at Hope Park, Creative Campus and Aigburth. It also allows you to logon to our wireless service from the premises of other members of the eduroam network. Details of all of the members of the eduroam network can be obtained by visiting the eduroam website.

The eduroam service is provided to all eligible users subject to the University IT Systems Acceptable Use Policy and the JANET eduroam policy.

Staff access

The eduroam service is accessed using your e-mail username i.e. and your normal university password.

You will need to configure your computer or device which will depend on the operating system you are using. Please click here to find the installer suitable for your device.

Visitor Access

If you are visiting from another institution who subscribes to the eduroam service and you have registered at that institution to utilise the service, you will be able to logon to the Liverpool Hope University eduroam service. You will need to use the logon credentials that apply when accessing the eduroam service at your home institution.

Other access including conference guests

The University offers a Wireless guest network, Hope_Wireless, for non-University personnel. This service allows access to general web browsing and email services. The service is unsecured and is used entirely at the users risk.

Usernames and passwords for the Hope_Wireless network should be requested via the Conference office.