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While you are here

As a student with a Tier 4 or Student route visa, you will be required to comply with the following:

  • comply with the conditions of your visa i.e. work regulations etc.
  • attend the document checking session and any other contact point meetings with the Compliance Officer (details will be emailed to you)
  • attend your timetabled teaching periods, including any supervision sessions or meetings which have been arranged
  • explain any absences or unsatisfactory work
  • provide the University with specific information if requested
  • report to UKVI if your circumstances change e.g. change of address
  • comply with any requests from UKVI e.g. meeting immigration officers when they are on an inspection visit to the university
  • ensure you have the correct finances available and pay your tuition fees in accordance with your agreement
  • keep up to date with changes to immigration rules
  • register via the online system when asked to do so
  • ensure your contact details are kept up to date
  • leave the UK if you are required to or if you interrupt or withdraw from your studies

As a Tier 4/Student route sponsor Liverpool Hope University are required by the UKVI to:

  • monitor your attendance at research supervision sessions, tutorials, classes
  • monitor your progress
  • inform them if you withdraw, interrupt or defer your studies
  • inform them if you miss 10 expected contacts without permission
  • inform them if we withdraw our sponsorship
  • inform them of your work placement details (if applicable)
  • inform them of changes to your course title and length
  • inform them if you fail to enrol at the start of your course

We are required to:

  • keep copies of your passport, visa and biometrics document
  • keep an up to date record of your current address in the UK
  • keep copies of your ATAS and Police Registration certificate (if applicable)