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The School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Click below to find out more about our courses.

Undergraduate degrees 

Artificial Intelligence

We are on the brink of a technological revolution that will profoundly alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are being developed today that would have been considered to belong to the realms of science fiction only a couple of years ago.

We offer four Artificial Intelligence degrees:

  • BSc Artificial Intelligence
  • BSc Artificial Intelligence with a Year in Industry
  • MSci Artificial Intelligence
  • MSci Artificial Intelligence with a Year in Industry

Computer Science

Computer Science is all about new ideas, new opportunities and fresh thinking. There is no other discipline that can be applied to so many different areas and have such a profound impact on all aspects of society. Study this degree with us and you will acquire practical skills that are highly sought after by industry, such as programming in C, C++, Java, Lua, Python, C# and ARM assembly languages. 

We offer two Computer Science degrees:

Electronic and Computer Engineering

Electronic and Computer Engineering is an exciting and rapidly developing area that is increasingly affecting every area of our lives. Many everyday objects with which we interact, such as mobile phones, tablets and games consoles, contain electronics that have to be designed by engineers. Our degree will prepare you for a career in electronic systems design and software development.

We offer four Electronic and Computer Engineering degrees: 

Information Technology

Our Information Technology degree prepares you to meet the needs of a wide range of organisations, emphasising the development of a variety of technologies, especially web and mobile technologies that are increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives. During your studies, you will have opportunities to develop computational thinking and a systems approach to formulating, analysing and solving complex problems. Visit our Information Technology course page


Mathematics is a fascinating and exciting subject. It is the language of modern Business and Commerce, Engineering, Science and Technology and is as old as mankind. As the universal language of science it is the best tool we have to describe reality. At Liverpool Hope, you will develop a passion and enthusiasm for mathematics and its applications.

We offer three Mathematics degrees: 


Robotics is on the cusp of an exciting new era as robots become more intelligent and find uses in an ever more diverse range of industries, including consumer and healthcare robotics. Our Robotics degree reflects recent software and hardware technological advances and exposes you to new, much sought-after skills and up-to-date areas of research.

We offer four Robotics degrees: 

Software Engineering*

a blurred out computer screen with code, and a hand on a PC keyboard

Modern society could not function without large software systems. National utilities and infrastructure, energy, communications, health, business and transport all rely on complex and large applications. With the increasing complexity of these software systems comes an increasing difficulty in building and delivering a correct, and robust, solution to customers on time and on budget. Such software cannot be produced successfully, safely and efficiently without following some constraining, and managing, process. This is the domain of the software engineer.

There is a major skills gap in the software engineering sector, with the Tech Partnership reporting that 85% of hard-to-fill positions are difficult to recruit to because of a lack of specialist skills (Employer Insights: skills survey 2015). Our Software Engineering degree will develop employable graduates, who have experience in practical skills that are highly sought after by industry, including programming in C, C++, Java, Lua, Python, C# and low-level languages, such as x86 and ARM.

We offer four Software Engineering degrees:

  • BSc Software Engineering
  • MSci Software Engineering
  • BEng Software Engineering
  • MEng Software Engineering

*Subject to validation

Postgraduate degrees 

MSc Advanced Computer Science 

Computer Scientists are in more demand today than ever before due to the increasing reliance on Computer Systems and Software, this is further compounded with the continual introduction of cutting edge and new technologies. Therefore, an advanced master degree in Computer Science will make you highly employable, having developed practical skills in computing systems and software development.

MSc Data Science 

This course is built around the strong skill base of experts in the Mathematics and Computer Science department and to illustrate how new technologies, cutting edge research and novel scientific perspectives can be used together to influence future society in significant and fundamental ways. 

MSc Robotics Engineering 

This new MSc Robotics Engineering reflects recent software and hardware technological advances and exposes you to new, much sought-after skills and up-to-date areas of research. Recent technological advances are incorporated into the course by developing novel cross disciplinary approaches and subject areas such as Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.