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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get setup as an AGRESSO user?

If you are a new user, please contact Karen Dalby ( to get an account set up on Agresso.

Karen will need details of which cost centre and/or project you need access to and whether this is as an administrator or a budget holder.

For a new or changed budget holder, please complete an Agresso Access Form for the cost centre or project you will be authorising. This should also be signed by the Dean or Department Head.

Once you are set up to use Agresso, please use the following guidance to help you get started:

Using Agresso web

Training for requisitioners and budget holders can be arranged at any time. Please contact Karen Dalby ( or ext 3867).

How do I put a requisition on AGRESSO or approve a requisition sent to me?

Please refer to the AGRESSO user guides by clicking on the links below:


Raising a requisition

Budget holder tasks - approving a requisition

New suppliers

Sometimes the supplier is not one the University has previously dealt with, in which case it will be necessary either to be record them as a "sundry supplier" (for one off transactions) or, for relationships expected to be ongoing, a new supplier account will need to be created:

Raising New Suppliers on Agresso

Recording fulfilment of orders ("goods receipting")

To confirm that an order has been fulfilled, the goods receipting process must be followed:

Goods receipting

Retrospective requisitioning and goods receipting

Sometimes the finance office receives an invoice for which the fulfilment/receipt of goods has not been recorded or for which no purchase order exists at all. In such cases tasks will be generated for the most appropriate administrator to complete these actions retrospectively. Should you receive such a task and you are unsure what to do with it, please refer to the following guidance:

Administrator tasks - missing goods receipt

Administrator tasks - no order for invoice

If you need further help, please contact Kara Grivosti (, or on ext 3174).

I am set up as a user but I cannot log on today, why?

The most common reason for access problems is when you have changed your password.

Changing your password again by following the instructions on the password management webpages may solve the problem. You will need to log out of your PC and back on again once you have reset the password.

If the problem still persists, please raise a call with the IT Help desk ( or on ext 2100).

What is the purchasing process?

Before you place an order with a supplier, you should first raise a requisition on Agresso for the amount of the purchase. On saving, this will be sent to the appropriate budget holder(s) for approval.

Raising a requisition

Budget holder tasks - approving a requisition

When the Budget Holder has approved the requisition, a Purchase Order will be sent to the requisitioner. This will have a 6 digit Purchase Order number which should be quoted to the supplier when placing the order. The Purchase Order can be faxed or emailed to the supplier if necessary.

Goods receipting

Once the goods or services have been received, the order should be Goods Received on Agresso. This indicates that you are satisfied and that the invoice, when received by Purchase Ledger, can be paid. If Purchase Ledger receive a supplier invoice for which no goods have been receipted or order raised, appropriate tasks to do so will be sent to the most appropriate administrator.

Administrator tasks - missing goods receipt

Administrator tasks - no order for invoice

Sometimes an invoice received by Purchase Ledger will materially exceed the value of the purchase order. In such an instance Purchase Ledger will send a task to the most appropriate budget holder to review and approve.

Budget holder tasks - invoice control exceeded

Suppliers should send invoices directly to the Purchase Ledger office. If the invoice is sent to you instead, please send it to the Purchase Ledger office so it can be paid. Please note that Purchase Ledger must receive the supplier's invoice before any payment can be made.

Due to the fact that hire charges may not be known prior to being invoiced, taxis may be hired without an approved requisition on Agresso. The requisition may be entered and approved once the invoice has been received and the hire and service charges are known.

What reports are available to help me manage my budget?

There are several reports available to you on the web. Between them, these show committed expenditure, actual expenditure, budgets and the variance between actual expenditure and budget.

New reports can be added as required. If you need further information on a cost centre or project which is not available from one of the current reports, please contact Karen Dalby (, or on xn 3867).
Notes on how to run the reports are currently available and the information they show can be found in the AGRESSO user guide by clicking on the link below:

Generating Reports on Agresso Web

If you require further help or training, please contact Karen Dalby.