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The University has a non-pay expenditure of circa £15 million per annum across a wide range of goods, works and services.

As a publicly funded body we are subject to the UK's Public Procurement Regulations 2015, and are required by law to advertise our above threshold requirements through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

We promote sustainable procurement and work with suppliers/contractors to further raise sustainability and ethical standards within the supply chain.  You can read about what the University is currently doing with regards to sustainability here.

The Procurement Team

The Procurement Team provides advice, guidance and support to staff on the procurement issues which they may face as part of their work. Further information is available from the team who are happy to help with any questions that you may have.

You can contact the Procurement Team on:

NameJob titleTelephone numberEmail
Michael Hayes Procurement Manager 0151 291 3157
Suzanne Moody Sustainability Manager 0151 291 3248
Kate McLeod Finance Assistant 0151 291 3203

The purpose of the Procurement Policy is to set out the principles, policies and procedures on which procurement activity within the University will be based.  It is a vital component of the University Financial Regulations and as such is integral to the business processes of the University. It is important that the policy is understood and adhered to so that the University can deliver efficiencies and savings. Members of staff must not depart from the policy without the prior written approval from the Procurement Manager.

Procurement Policy

Single Supplier Justification Form

Estimating the Value of the Contract

The starting point for calculating the contract value is that the contract value shall be the genuine pre-estimate of the value of the entire contract net of VAT.  This includes all payments to be made, or potentially to be made, under the entirety of the contract and for the whole of the predicted contract period (including proposed extensions and options).


To ensure that the University achieves best value for money for all its purchases, competitive quotes should be acquired for all purchases, see table below.

Value of Contract

Procurement Procedure

Up to £2,000

At least one written quotation.

£2,001 - £10,000

At least two written quotations.

£10,001 - £25,000

At least three written quotations.

Above £25,000

Tender procedure applies – please contact the Procurement Team

Key Legal Instruments

European Legislation - Public Contracts Directive 2014/24/EU

UK Implementation - The Public Contracts Regulations 2015

These rules govern the way in which the University purchases goods, services and works, and seek to guarantee equal access to and fair competition for public contracts within the EU market.

All contracts above certain thresholds have to be procured as directed by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Details of the thresholds, applying from 1st January 2016 are given below. Thresholds are net of VAT.





Sterling £



4, 104,394

Euros €

209, 000

209, 000

5, 225, 000

Change of Supplier Details

All requests to change any of the supplier details held on Agresso shall be emailed to

Any requests to change bank details will need to be submitted on company letter headed paper and emailed to the above address.


National/Regional Framework Contracts

A range of existing national and regional framework contracts can be utilised by the University when procuring goods, works or services. These framework contracts will be generally sourced from the following agencies/organisations:

North West University Purchasing Consortia: The University is a member of the North West University Purchasing Consortium which lets agreements and contracts for Higher Education Institutions and uses the collective purchasing power of its members to maximize value for money.

HEContracts: Here you can access the consortia agreements and those of other similar purchasing consortia.

(UniBuy has been discontinued; the University has adopted its replacement HEContracts)

Crown Commercial Service: The national procurement partner for UK public services.

For further information on the frameworks provided by the purchasing consortia and the suppliers appointed to these frameworks please contact the relevant commodity group representative.




HEADS OF PROCUREMENT - Products and Services, Purchasing cards, credit and charge cards, payroll security and cash transit, debt collection, mail and courier services, parcel and freight handling, vehicle hire and purchase fuel cards, motor organisation and membership, water coolers, sports equipment, library books and periodicals, travel and accommodation, Professional Services, Banking Consultancy, Insurance, Legal services, Advertising and European Tendering.

Michael Hayes (on behalf of Sue Beecroft)

Tel: 0151 291 3157


AUDIO VISUAL AIDS - Products and Services, Teaching equipment, white boards etc. Media equipment including Plasma screens, projection equipment, video data projectors, audio and video consumables, photographic lamps and batteries, fitting out lecture theatres and seminar rooms, hiring of equipment, hiring of services, installation.

Andrew White (on behalf of Mike Beecroft)

Tel: 0151 291 2029


CATERING - Products and services: Fresh, frozen and canned foods, bread and morning goods, general groceries, preserves, confectionery, snacks and biscuits, alcoholic and soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit juices, soups, sauce, gravy and bouillon mixes, vending machine supplies, dishwasher detergents, crockery, cutlery, light kitchen equipment, catering disposables, catering clothing.

Gary Pace (on behalf of Ian Vandewalle)

Tel: 0151 291 2179


COMPUTER SERVICES - Products and Services: Microcomputers, network infrastructure, workstations, applications software supply and support, printers, plotters and peripheral, single and multipart listing paper, computer consumables floppy disks and other magnetic media, toner cartridges, video conferencing.

Andrew White (on behalf of Mike Beecroft)

Tel: 0151 291 2029


DOMESTIC SUPPLIES AND SERVICES - Products and services, Cleaning equipment and consumables, janitorial supplies, toilet tissue and towels, paper products, plastic refuse sacks, waste disposal and recycling, hygiene supplies/services and washroom products, uniform clothing, overalls and work wear, laundry services and equipment, pest prevention services.

Shirley Kane

Tel: 0151 291 3531


ESTATES - Products and Services; Electrical fittings and components, conduit and cable, building maintenance consumable and services, car park barriers, alarm, security and time recording systems, firefighting equipment, automatic doors, refuse services, electric hand dryers, lifts, lamps, tubes and batteries, fuel, water and sewerage, energy purchasing, heating ventilation, ceramic and plumbing items.

Angela Rea (on behalf of Ian Vandewalle)

Tel: 0151 291 3415


FURNITURE & SOFT FURNISHINGS - Products and Services; Office, lecture room, computing, laboratory. Reception area and Halls of Residence furniture, curtains and blinds, carpeting and floor coverings, beds, bedding, mattresses and towels, table lamps, cookers, microwave ovens, refrigerators and freezers, uniform clothing, overalls and work wear.

Angela Rea (on behalf of Ian Vandewalle)

Tel: 0151 291 3415


LABORATORY - Products and Services; Chemicals and solvents, plastics and glassware, general laboratory consumables, equipment and maintenance contracts, chemical and solvent waste disposal, electronic components, laboratory clothing.

Matt Smith (on behalf of Atulya Nagar)

Tel: 0151 291 3039


STATIONERY AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT - Products and Services; General stationery and office consumables, office equipment-supply and maintenance, envelopes, copier paper, packaging materials, publications and plan printing, examination answer books, diaries and planners, write-on-film and transparencies, files, document wallets, photocopiers, fax machines and consumables.

Michael Hayes (on behalf of Sue Beecroft)

Tel: 0151 291 3157


TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Products and services; National development call boxes and payphones, mobile phones, handsets and answer phones, call charges, prepaid call cards, video conferencing, cabling supplies.

Phil Bickerton (on behalf of Mike Beecroft)

Tel: 0151 291 3334