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Sales, Purchases and VAT

The University has set procedures for requisitioning supplies and raising sales orders and both require the administrator responsible to enter the details onto Agresso. Requisitions and sales orders are subject to budget holder approval before a purchase order or sales invoice will be raised.

Raising a Purchase Order

Before placing an order with a supplier, first raise a requisition (Raising a requisition) on Agresso for the amount of the purchase. Once saved, this will be sent to the appropriate budget holder(s) for approval. If your supplier has not been set up on Agresso you may (for one off purchases) use the sundry supplier code or else you can set up a new supplier yourself (Raising New Suppliers on Agresso).

When the Budget Holder has approved the requisition (Budget holder tasks - approving a requisition), a Purchase Order will be sent to the requisitioner by email. This will have a 7 digit Purchase Order number which should be quoted to the supplier when placing the order. The Purchase Order can be faxed or emailed to the supplier if necessary.

Once the goods or services have been received, the order should be goods receipted (Goods receipting) on Agresso. This indicates that the goods or services have been supplied (in full or in part), are satisfactory and that the invoice, when received by Purchase Ledger, can be paid.

Suppliers should send invoices directly to the Purchase Ledger office. If the invoice is sent to you instead, please send it to the Purchase Ledger office so it can be paid. Please note that Purchase Ledger must receive the supplier's invoice before any payment can be made.

Due to the fact that hire charges may not be known prior to being invoiced, taxis may be hired without an approved requisition on Agresso.

Other requisitioning tasks you may need to know about:

Administrator tasks - missing goods receipt

Administrator tasks - no order for invoice

Budget holder tasks - invoice control exceeded