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Budget Monitoring, Reporting and Financial Controls

If you have any queries regarding transactions that appear in your cost centre then please contact the appropriate finance rep listed below, or alternatively one of the finance assistants listed under the "Support Contacts" tab. If you are a budget holder and require training in how to manage and report on your budget then please contact your finance rep. See below for a list of budget holders for the each of the faculties and support areas and their finance department representatives.

University Department or Area Budget Holder/s Delegated Budget Holder Finance Rep
Resources Ian Vandewalle   Aoin Douglas
Estates Ian Vandewalle James Ellison Aoin Douglas
Plas Caerdeon Ian Vandewalle   Sue Jolley
Catering Ian Vandewalle Gary Pace Allan Bibby
Research & Academic Development (inc. Personnel) Kenneth Newport   Allan Bibby
Miscellaneous Enterprise (inc. HEIF & Business Gateway)  Ian McKenna, Sue Beecroft   Sue Jolley
Central (inc. Network of Hope) Ian Vandewalle, Sue Beecroft   Sue Beecroft
Vice Chancellor's Office Professor Pillay   Sue Beecroft
Student Support & Wellbeing (inc. Student Administration and Challenge 15k) Penny Haughan   Claudia McLean
Faculty of Arts & Humanities Ian Vandewalle   Aoin Douglas
Capstone Building & Performance Technicians Ian Vandewalle Neil Campbell Aoin Douglas
Faculty of Education Kenneth Newport   Allan Bibby
IT Atulya Nagar Mike Beecroft Catherine Barrett
Faculty of Science Atulya Nagar   Catherine Barrett