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There are different reasons for absence from the workplace.

Annual Leave 

Your annual leave entitlement is based on your contract and hours and will be reduced pro-rata if you work less than full time.  The University calculates annual leave based on a leave year which runs from 1 September to the 31 August the following year.  Annual leave entitlement accrues during maternity leave and sickness absence.  All annual leave should, where possible, be taken in the leave year and not carried over. There are guidelines about when annual leave may be taken.  You should make sure you know how your line manager wants you to record annual leave, as this data will be transferred to CIPHR.

Annual Leave Entitlements

The holiday entitlements are calculated depending on the terms and conditions of employment, however the amount of days you get is dependent on your start date. If you started mid-way through the year please check the calculator below: 

Holiday Calculator - Full Time Staff

You will be advised of your entitlement by Personnel as a New Starter. However, if you have any queries, please contact your HR Adviser.

It is important that staff enjoy a productive work-life balance and take their full annual leave entitlement in any one year.

Grade 2-7 Support 28 days 
Grade 8+ Support 32 days
Grade 7+ Academic 35 days   

Calculating Holiday Entitlement for Part Time Staff 

Holiday Entitlement for Part time staff is worked out on your weekly hours and FTE (Full Time Equivalent) . The table below will work all hours and leave you are entitled to per year. However this is dependent upon your start date, if you start mid-way through the academic year your entitlement will be reduced for that year. The document below will estimate how much holiday you receive.

Holiday Entitlement for Part Time Staff Calculator

Hope Liturgical Days

The details about Hope's Liturgical days can be found in the Annual leave arrangements 2023-24.

Sickness Absence 

For any period of sickness absence you will be required to provide either a self-certificate or fitness for work note. These forms should be authorised by your line manager and sent to Personnel. 

If a period of sickness absence ranges from one day, up to and including seven calendar days, you must complete a Self Certified Absence Form. This form should be authorised by your line manager and sent to Personnel. If this documentation is not completed, the sickness absence policy will be breached and your sickness benefits may be affected. 

Statement of Fitness for Work

  • For periods of sickness that exceed seven calendar days, a statement of fitness for work is required from your GP or Hospital.
  • Statements can be issued for days, weeks or months. Your statement begins from the date it was signed by the issuing Medical Practitioner, and covers you for whole weeks, including weekends.
  • Your first statement of fitness for work should cover you from the day that directly follows the last day of your Self Certificate form.

Calculating Periods of Sickness from Medical Certificates

Government Advice

Return to Work 

You will be expected to complete a Return to Work Interview Form on your return with your line manager.

Fitness for Work with adjustments or extra support

A statement of fitness for work form indicates that you may be fit for work, but could require some adjustments or extra support. These might include a phased return to work, altered hours, amended duties or workplace adaptations. If this is the case you must discuss this as soon as possible with your manager and agree an action plan.

Your HR Manager can be consulted in such cases and we have the right to send you to our Occupational Health Provider to ensure that any adjustments we make are appropriate.

Useful Forms 

Sickness Absence and Monitoring Policy

Self Certified Absence Form

Sickness Absence Review Meeting Form

Advice on Calculating Periods of Sickness from Medical Certificates

Other Types of Absence

There maybe an occasion where you require time off for for reasons other than sickness absence and annual leave.  

Time Off for Dependants

Occasionally, it may be necessary for employees to take emergency leave due to the illness of a dependant such as a child, spouse or elderly parent.

Although, in such situations, it may not be possible to predict precisely the dates of absence, it is important that employee’s give the university as much notice as possible of their intention to be absent from work. This allows the work team to plan to cover work effectively.

Please refer to the Time Off for Dependents Policy and Procedure for more information.

Compassionate Leave

Compassionate leave may be used where an employee has to take time off work to arrange or go to a funeral of a close family member. The guidelines outline how this might work. Compassionate is paid time away from work and must be agreed with your line manager.

Please refer to the Compassionate Leave Guidelines for more information.

Unpaid Parental Leave

Parental leave offers qualifying parents the right to take unpaid time off work to look after your child or make arrangements for their welfare. These provisions are in addition to the separate provisions covering maternity leave, paternity leave and the University’s career break scheme. Another option for those with carer responsibilities is to look at Flexible Working options.

Please refer to the Parental Leave Guidelines and Flexible Working Policy for more information. 

Career Break

This scheme enables members of staff to take an unpaid break from their career for a range of purposes such as

  • domestic or caring responsibilities 
  • further education
  • or any other reason that the University considers to be appropriate under the remit of the scheme. 

Employees are not entitled to take a career break but the University recognises that there may be circumstances where it may be beneficial to the employee, and to the University, to allow an unpaid period of time away from work.

Please refer to the Career Break Guidelines for more information.